4 Esssential Qualities of the ‘Best Courier Service’

When searching for a courier service, there are a certain criterion that you should validate before entering into an agreement. Partnering with any new vendor can be a long and burdensome process; these four key points will help you select a first time or new courier service provider that you know will meet your organization’s objectives now, and in the future. 

  1. Reputation – The most critical element to any successful relationship is trust. As an organization seeking a new provider, the surest way to find out whether the new provider can be trusted with their business is to consider their reputation in the market and request references from their current customers. Finding out how long the firm has been in business and what their customers say about them is a simple and effective way to help to evaluate how they would fit as a provider in your organization.
  2.   Customer Service – Your number one priority is your customers; your courier’s priority should be the same.  As an extension of your organization, your courier needs to treat every delivery and every customer with the respect they deserve because how they treat your customers is a reflection on you
  3. Scalability – Finding a new vendor can be time consuming and costly. As you consider new courier providers, it’s important to determine whether potential providers can grow with you as your business grows.  A courier that might be a good fit for you today may not have the flexibility to scale with you in the future. As you interview potential couriers, find out how large their pool of drivers is, whether they are supported by a larger corporation, and whether that corporation’s people, resources, and technology can help you achieve your growth objectives.
  4. Technology – Organization should challenge potential couriers to demonstrate how their technology can provide you the traceability and functionality that you are looking for. Couriers should be able to demonstrate their ability to provide real-time updates, design and modify routes, process customer entered orders, and accept electronic signatures. Lastly, provision of this technology should be part of what they do, not an expensive à la carte option to increase their revenue. 

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