Same Day Courier Service for Charlottesville, Va

Compared with the rest of Virginia, Charlottesville has been experiencing a real economic boom. As the boom is generating higher customer demand, small business are needing to increase their inventory to keep up. Instead of overloading store floor space with extra inventory, have you considered outsourcing your warehousing needs to a third-party?
Uniquely positioned to support this increased inventory, Orbit Same-Day has warehousing and fulfillment capabilities in the Charlottesville market and beyond that are here for your use. Partnering with Orbit Same-Day will give you access to our centrally located Charlottesville warehouse. Supported by a dynamic warehouse management system and flexible team, Orbit Same-Day’s warehousing solution will provide you with the warehousing and inventory flexibility that you need to keep up with customer demand.
Additionally, with a team of over 20 routed and on-demand couriers, we are able to make sure that your products get where they need to be, when they need to be there. The combination of our warehouse and courier software will help ensure that you always know where your product is.
Charlottesville is booming, and customer demand continues to grow. Let Orbit Same-Day make sure your warehousing and courier needs are met so you can stay focused on your customers.

Orbit Same Day is a leading provider of routed and on demand courier services in Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Georgia.  Our extensive courier network is also supported by a best in class warehousing and fulfillment operation with warehouse facilities and fulfillment centers located in Virginia, Pennsylvania and Georgia. 

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