With the COVID-19 coronavirus continuing to hold much of the globe in its grip, many are wondering what this means for the economy…and their businesses. Our nation is navigating unprecedented conditions that will continue to have repercussions on the market even after businesses reopen. We empathize with everyone during this challenging time and are here to help. All of our Virginia markets have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, and we have seen first-hand just how critical the need for affordable efficient logistics services is. By providing reliable same-day courier services Richmond, we ensure our customers in all industries are able to get their much-needed supplies and equipment. We want to see your business thrive and want to take a little time to provide you with our best strategies for growing your business during the pandemic.

The 2008 recession is still a reminder for many of just how drastically economic downturn can impact businesses and even the savviest entrepreneurs know: no one is completely impervious to market catastrophe. What then, can you do to make sure your business survives through this pandemic and goes on to flourish for years to come?


We have compiled a list of strategies, tips and tools that will help your business gain a competitive edge in the current economy. This is based on our customers and successful entrepreneurs who have managed to grow their businesses to scale and ramp up their production by applying this advice.


Brick-and-mortar companies that were forced to shut their doors because of the pandemic run the risk of missing out on revenue until lockdowns have been lifted. Restaurants were able to offer to-go and delivery services in some places, allowing them to remain open and continue generating revenue. Others are allowing staff, where possible and feasible, to work from home.  Those who were not able to continue offering their goods or services had to close and unfortunately, some may be forced out of business for good. Businesses that flourish even when market conditions are less than favorable have managed to do so by doing some or all of the following:


  •   Increase their marketing efforts for services they are able to continue offering to their customers.
  •   Reduce overhead by trimming their workforce and operating with a skeleton crew.
  •   Seek to automate as many processes as possible.

Shifting toward more E-commerce solutions

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Shift your model: take your business online

Shifting your business model from a services-based company to one that sells tangible goods may not be as difficult as you think. When you consider the facts about taking your business online, you’ll be ready to get on the eCommerce bandwagon. If your business has no online presence, your company is operating at a disadvantage. An internet presence opens your business to a wider audience and widening your audience opens the floodgates to a greater revenue stream. By bringing your business online, you no longer have to focus your marketing efforts to a local customer base.


Other advantages to shifting to an eCommerce business model:


  •   Leads will come to you through your online presence.
  •   You can get your money faster with online payment platforms and subscription-based services.
  •   You can scale your business and automate easier.


Think about how you can transfer your services into tangible goods that can be warehoused with a third-party logistics company (3PL). Warehousing with a third-party logistics company boasts exceptional efficiency and effectiveness, and because they are familiarized with the industry will be able to save you both time and money. This means you can go back to focusing on growing your online company presence.


Small and midsize businesses benefit from outsourcing their warehousing and fulfillment needs; many locally-based mom-and-pop shops think they are too small to reap savings by outsourcing but this is simply not the case. Your time is better focused on growing your online business and exploring your new business model. By outsourcing your warehousing and fulfillment needs, you will have the time to spend managing the executive demands of your company.


Take advantage of our warehousing services and rest assured your products are stored safely and securely and feel confident you are outsourcing your business needs to the logistics and warehousing industry authority. We offer our customers:


  •   Real Time Inventory Management: Inventory is a hassle! Let us take care of all of your inventory management needs.
  •   Web Based Reporting: Get easy access to the information you need about your products from our team.
  •   Pick, Pack & Ship: We handle it all.
  •   Kitting & Assembly
  •   Climate Controlled facilities to protect your products…and your customers on the receiving end.

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Expand or improve your delivery options

With many Americans practicing social distancing to halt the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, there are more people hunkering down in their houses. To avoid getting sick, many have resorted to getting their essential goods delivered to their homes. Home delivery is on the rise and the increased demand for certain goods means opportunity for businesses to expand or improve their delivery services in order to stay ahead of the competition. Amazon moves over $600 million in products daily and there is no reason why your business cannot benefit from the powerful income to be earned from same-day delivery. Utilizing our on-demand courier fleet and routed delivery networks means your business, no matter the industry, will be able to offer the fastest solutions to your customers.


We offer flexible options for our customers available to meet each of their specific needs:

  •   Scheduled delivery
  •   On demand courier
  •   Pool distribution
  •   Last mile delivery
  •   eCommerce support


Transitioning to same-day delivery service may seem like a difficult undertaking but rest assured, offering same-day delivery service is easy and inexpensive. We provide scalable warehouse services and environments to see the needs of your short or long-term project needs. Our sites are climate controlled, secured facilities that rely on modern technology to drive our materials handling and inventory management duties. When they transition to offering same-day delivery, many of our customers find they save money in the following areas:


  •   Employee Salaries
  •   Vehicle Costs


Learn more about how your business will benefit by offering same-day delivery here.


Outsource your eCommerce order fulfillment

It may seem like an easy process: an order comes in, you grab or make the item, put it in a box, stick a label on it and leave it for the postal carrier to pick up before the end of the day. If all goes well, the customer will get the package and hopefully return to buy another item in the future. However, eCommerce fulfillment is not as easy as it seems. The time and resources required to effectively process eCommerce orders and, if not done efficiently, can cost your business a lot of money.


When you outsource your eCommerce order fulfillment needs, you not only save money, but you ensure your customers receive their products timely and undamaged from the shipping and delivery process. Trusting your eCommerce product fulfillment needs with a reputable 3PL like Orbit Same Day means we will store your inventory, pull products when orders come in, package, label and ship the product to your customer. Letting a third-party logistics company manage your eCommerce order fulfillment is the next step towards scaling up your business and taking your revenue earning potential to the next level.


Take advantage of our advanced automation technologies and utilization of our cloud based solutions today, so you can get back to growing your business in order to thrive in the current economy.


Trust Orbit Same Day for your fulfillment needs and get:


  •   Guaranteed Service Levels- orders received by 2:00pm are shipped the same day.
  •   Turnkey fulfillment
  •   Returns Management
  •   Order Management Systems
  •   Integrated Technology Solutions


Our order fulfillment services are ideal for b2b, d2c and 3rd Party Marketplace fulfillment needs. If you are unsure whether or not your business would benefit or if you have other questions, we will be happy to discuss with you how to incorporate the services of third party logistics into your business model.


Gaining a competitive edge in the current economy means finding ways to shift your business model to focus on servicing more customers in a shorter amount of time, by offering products and services that are sustainable for our new normal. Streamlining, automating and realigning will require up-front adjustments to be made, but in the long run, will save your business and help you grow to scale.


Orbit Same Day offers full-service courier and warehousing solutions. Let us help you become the fastest solution for meeting your customer’s needs, enabling you to be their reliable go to provider even when economic times are tough. Your customers are relying on your goods and service; get them there on time, every time with Orbit Same Day.


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