Usually, labs require someone to pick up or deliver medical supplies, specimens and samples from one place to the other. Sometimes these samples and supplies are required to be shipped over long or short distances and delivered on time, 24/7. That said, as a medical officer, you’ll need to deliver items regularly to patients at home.

A reliable medical courier is a big help to labs in the medical industry. It’s critical to choose a delivery courier service you can trust. Medical deliveries can include medical samples, oxygen tanks, diabetes supplies and lab equipment. All labs need access to on-time delivery for increased efficiency and good health of their patients at home.

Here are 12 reasons why labs should take advantage of hiring a professional medical courier:

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1. Offer improved quality of their deliveries
Labs operate with sensitive items. The last thing that any lab wants to hear is that a delivery of samples or specimens was damaged or spilled or in an unworthy state because they were poorly transported. This can happen because they were put under incorrect temperatures or were mishandled. In any case, it becomes a headache for the institution, and their services can become miserable.

However, if a lab has employed the services of a trusted medical courier, they’re guaranteed that the courier will deliver all kinds of medical items with care and quality.

Moreover, experienced medical couriers will meet all transport regulations, and they are well-equipped with items such as OSHA-approved spill kits, which guarantees a lab great service. They also comply fully with other spectacular agencies like TSA, DOT, and HIPPA. More importantly, they know how HAZMAT functions and are experts in biohazard standards and handling.

Even better, experienced medical couriers have high-quality and proper containers that assure safe transport for their deliveries. They also have reliable vehicles that are fitted with temperature-control systems to freeze or refrigerate deliveries if need be. All this is to ensure that the items transported remain in the same state at their destination as they were upon pick up.

2. Professional drivers
More importantly, trusted medical couriers have highly trained drivers who know everything possible when it comes to handling lab items including lab samples, blood draws, specimens, apparatus which need to be delivered or picked up, and same day delivery Richmond, VA

Your lab’s reputation should always be at the forefront for your customers. Therefore, you want to choose a medical courier service that chooses their drivers wisely. A courier service, like Orbit Same Day, hires background-checked drivers, OSHA/HIPPA certified drivers, and above all, they wear branded uniforms and drive branded cars that can be recognized from a distance. Drivers should be patient and customer-oriented in order that they represent your lab with the best light.

3. Increased efficiency
Professional medical couriers always use real-time tracking, email confirmations, and signatures on every delivery or pick up at any time across all the addresses you operate on. They invest in the latest and most efficient technology in logistics, where they integrate everything online so that you can access the information at any time. This means that you can trace your pick up and deliveries at your convenience. They use barcode readers to scan your items to provide you with comprehensive details on them. Isn’t that amazing?

Their communication is pooled into one dashboard. So, if you want to communicate with them, you use the information on the dashboard, and they’ll notify you through a direct alert. This allows you to prepare your team in advance before the delivery arrives. It’s also a great idea to know more about the driver who will deliver or pick up your essential items. With the latest tech, these details should display the driver’s photo in case your team needs it.

4. Offer professional branding
You don’t want to interfere with your reputation. You want to appear as the best for your clients. Trusted medical couriers present you professionally when dealing with customers, whether that customer is a patient or another medical professional. You want your company to appear reliable, efficient, and as an expert lab in their presence. Normally. you can’t leave your job to travel to your clients so all they can see is your medical courier. That is why you want to ensure high-quality professionalism with the medical courier you employ.

In other words, an excellent courier is the one who will do all they can to back you up when it comes to appearance and responsibility. Professional branding is key and a medical courier, like Orbit Same Day, only offers you the best!

5. Offer trust-building
Your clients and their patients will always want to track your system and website to learn more. So, they should find a professional look when they access them. The materials should be professional, and the drivers should always have their official ID badge on them. All this is done to convey the message that you know, and you’re confident about what you’re doing. They’ll no doubt trust you.

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6. Superb services for you and your customer
With professional medical couriers on your side, you can be assured that your customers will receive services they’ll enjoy and keep on coming back for more. It doesn’t matter who the courier encounters, you can be confident they will work with the utmost respect and courtesy.

When you hire a good medical courier team you are hiring an engaging customer care team who answers calls in the right manner and ensures that deliveries and pickup reach their destination as intended and at the right time. By doing so, you continue building your brand and keep everyone you are dealing with happy and wanting to come for more services.

An excellent medical courier service will only offer the best of the best. When you have the best services, your day becomes better, your manager’s day awesome, and the day of your employees who wait for the delivery bright. With a happy team around you, the work becomes enjoyable, and you become more productive than when people are dull.

7. Quick turnaround
The experienced drivers, coupled with the latest tech, allows the medical courier for your lab to handle many dispatches quickly and efficiently. Remember that you have the full logistical data with them already. They can find the shortest route possible to reach you or even add in stops to minimize time wastage for goods in transit. This enables your clients to receive services faster and at a reliable turnaround.

8. Saves your wallet
Your experienced medical courier is always ready to deliver anything that you want so that they can negotiate a better rate. There occurs a big difference when you compare a standard rate and the rate of your lab courier. Your courier will be cheaper, especially when it comes to items that require special handling and requires a certification for temperature control and medical transport.

9. Offer complete chain of custody
Let’s say you want to deliver or pick up items in multiple locations. It becomes easy when you have a medical courier who offers a complete chain of custody. Therefore, all your deliveries and pickups are correctly accounted for. It’s worth noting that those are just basic tasks performed with a trusted medical courier. That means the more features that your courier includes, the better.

Some examples of great features that enhance strong security include:
Capturing your packages’ photo before dispatching it
Barcode scanning and validating
Verifying name, ID, and age
Signing from the recipient upon delivery

10. Dedicated to your service
Reliable logistics gives your lab peace of mind and allows you to focus on other important endeavors of the lab. Trusted medical couriers have a dedicated logistics team who can do whatever it takes to optimize the process of logistics, and same day courier services Richmond, Va

11. Patient-oriented
Trustworthy couriers understand that all the logistic processes are made to help a patient who needs some special attention. That explains why a courier should engage experienced drivers who will do their best to deliver excellent services and present your business with the best light.
Working with an expert courier ensures that you boost your relationship with your clients. For example, a familiar driver who frequently delivers items to a specific address will eventually build a relationship with the person receiving the delivery. He’ll impress the patients or healthcare professionals. And that’s the primary goal of a business, to ensure your clients are happy with your services.

12. Flexibility
Trusted medical couriers will always deliver items to the required destination. It may be delivered to the patient’s home, hospital, office, or labs. Expert couriers know medical supplies as well as samples, and specimens are time-sensitive. For example, a waste of time can render a sample untestable, failing a patient who really needed it. Repeating the same process until you get another proper sample can be a long process that can hurt the patient on the other side.

Now that you know several great reasons why labs trust their medical courier, why not give it a try? It will keep you and your clients happy. Everybody loves it when things are flowing efficiently and professionally.

Contact Orbit Same Day now and let’s talk about how we can become your trusted medical courier!