The effectiveness of your company’s shipping methods is a direct reflection of your company. Even though delivery services are third party, if your customer’s packages are delayed, chances are they will blame you. In fact, 75% of consumers will blame the retailer for delayed packages and shipment. Customers want their products as soon as possible. They practically wait by their door for their new package to be delivered. This is why offering same-day delivery will keep your customers loyal and coming back for more. 

What is purchase intent?

Purchase intent is the probability that a consumer will purchase your products. Same-day delivery increases this probability according to marketing strategies. Customers want same-day delivery and will choose the company that can offer it over a competitor every time. Knowing this, your company can use a consumer’s desire to have fast delivery and drive purchase intent by providing it. 

Yes, same-day delivery is slightly more costly, but the benefits outweigh the costs here. Consumers are willing to pay for convenience, and as a result of offering these services, your ROI will increase. 

What is brand loyalty, and what does this look like?

Brand loyalty is when customers purchase your products over and over again. If you think about it, customers have lots of options to choose from. It does not matter what product is being purchased; they have more than one option. However, when your company provides a product and provides it with justice, your consumers have no reason to search and purchase elsewhere. 

Think about all the competitor companies—for example, there are Walmart and Target, Lowes and Home Depot, Starbucks, and Peet’s Coffee. The list goes on. The real question is, customers have developed brand loyalty. There are die-hard Starbucks fans and die-hard Peet’s Coffee fans. So, whether you sell medical supplies, office supplies, car parts, clothing, jewelry, etc., when you deliver exceptional service, you are creating brand loyalty within your brand. Customers who return to your website to purchase products again and again or keep your company as one of their prime deliverers are loyal.  

Many things go into building your brand. Your company name, logo, key values and principles, and products sold are just a few examples of what makes up your brand. Shipping is another one. Do you want to be known as a company that takes forever to deliver their products? Or do you want to be known for excellent customer service with an even better shipping process?

Companies like Amazon have developed a great same-day delivery process where items ship the same day straight from their warehouse to their customer’s front door. This is one of the first things people think about when they see an Amazon truck or AD. They think “fast shipping.” Yes, some items take longer because the items might not be local, but Amazon lets you know which items ship fast, and the rest is up to you. Customers even pay extra for Amazon Prime to guarantee them same-day delivery on the things that they love. Loyal customers don’t care about the price. Consumers that value your services will not have a problem paying for the extra shipping. As a result of the excellent service they received, they will have the intent to buy from you over and over again.

Think of same-day delivery as a cycle. At the top, you have “same-day delivery,” which points or flows into “purchase intent,” which points to “customer loyalty,” and that points back to “same-day delivery.” This cycle of same-day delivery increases customer purchase intent and, as a result, increases customer loyalty. The cycle goes around and around as long as customers keep coming back to buy more. This equation could work either way, but think about it this way, what makes a customer want to buy things from you? Shipping time has a huge effect. No one wants to wait days for items that they need now.

When you choose a same day courier like Orbit Same Day, you choose reliable, flexible, and cost-effective services that are guaranteed to boost your brand. You can do many things to boost your company’s brand loyalty, but same-day delivery is visible and tangible to you and your customers. You will also have visibility of all of your purchases and their shipment progress. By choosing a 3PL, you and your customers can monitor shipments with peace of mind.

Brand Loyalty

Loyal Customers Spread the Word

Word of mouth is one of the best advertisements of all. One happy customer creates more potential customers. Customers who receive same-day shipping are more likely to recommend your company to family and friends. This is how loyal customers are made. Think of these happy customers as your brand ambassadors. Brand ambassadors are a popular thing on social media. How this works is that a company essentially pays a person to promote their products or services online. It is like a walking talking advertisement. Well, your loyal customers are also walking talking advertisements. These customers might post on social media raving about the fast service they received from your company. They might tell their family members over dinner how great your products and flawless your delivery process is. 

In fact, loyal customers are the most valuable asset to your company. Their one purchase is worth more because of all the future purchases that they will make.

Same Day Delivery and the Holidays

Same Day Delivery During Holidays

Whether your business is one that picks up traffic during the holidays or not, same-day delivery will help you retain customers. This one is specifically for companies that sell goods and have a busy holiday season. Maintaining holiday demands is challenging. Many online customers want the best deals, and they want those deals without any delay. Especially as the holidays close in, same-day shipping is vital. Nobody wants to be sitting there tracking their delayed package, wondering if it will make it on time.

One survey showed that 60% of holiday shoppers would rather purchase products from a retailer that offers same-day delivery Richmond. Every delivery service is in overtime during the holidays; there is an overflow of products being shipped all over the United States and elsewhere. With how congested the delivery industry gets during the holiday season, same-day delivery might be your one chance at reducing any delivery flaws. During the holiday, packages get jumbled up between couriers, tossed from UPS to USPS, and to other smaller delivery companies. Same-day delivery cuts out all this extra travel and allows for more of a straight shot between the warehouse to the delivery location.

The Last Minute Shoppers Dream

Whether it is last minute holiday shopping, birthday shopping, or supply shopping, same-day delivery Richmond saves the day. It is what is going to put your brand over the top. Everyone knows someone who literally waits until the night before Christmas to go gift shopping or waits until an hour before the birthday party to go run to the store to buy a present. People these days have a lot going on. They forget to order something ahead of time and then find themselves needing something last minute. It is easy to do in the society that we live in. Holiday shopping is especially one of these last minute tasks that people procrastinate on.

The Pandemic and Same-Day Delivery

We are in a Pandemic, and same-day delivery is on the rise. There are a million reasons why consumers need their deliveries the same day. A customer may have just bought a new phone, and they need a case for it immediately, someone needs their medication because they just realized they ran out that morning, or a broken car needs a part replaced promptly. Whatever the case or situation is, same-day delivery can solve it. Stand out amongst your competitors and be the brand that people go to repeatedly because you have great products, excellent service, and your same-day delivery courier is amazing. 

Same-day delivery may increase the operating costs, but when you use a 3PL like Orbit Same Day, you can use our warehouse and ship straight from our warehouse. In the end, you will save on shipping costs and transit time and also gain customer loyalty. It may include increasing operating costs and carrying inventory, but lead to reduced shipping costs and improved time-in-transit.

Our blog, Why Add Same Day Delivery to Your Supply Chain, has more on the benefits of same-day delivery and how it can drive your company to success. If you are looking to boost your brand loyalty and drive customers to purchase your products, you need Orbit Same Day. We do the work, and you get loyal, lifelong customers. It is as easy as that. You build loyal customers through our shipping services, and we gain loyal customers like you. That is what is called a win-win. So, take a look at your current delivery protocol. Is it as effective as it could be? Could it be more effective? Request a quote on our website to see how same-day delivery can boost your brand loyalty, and your customers intend to purchase from you.