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Business moves at the speed of its needs. Your business needs Orbit Same Day.

Orbit Same Day is the premier same day courier service Richmond, Chesterfield, and surrounding markets ready to handle your business delivery needs. Orbit Same Day keeps business flowing by providing affordable same day courier service in Richmond, Chesterfield, and surrounding markets. Our team of couriers is efficient and reliable. Your time is valuable. We get it and we’ll get it there faster.

Ready to handle the STAT logistical needs of businesses in Richmond, we operate 24-7-365. Our operators are standing by to get started on your order.

Over a decade of Courier Service to Richmond

Rely on Orbit Same Day for your courier service needs in Richmond, Chesterfield, and surrounding markets.

As the capital city of the Commonwealth of Virginia, Richmond is positioned in the middle of the state. With close proximity to the Washington, DC metropolitan area, Hampton Roads and Charlottesville, the critical needs of logistics within Richmond, Chesterfield and surrounding markets demand around-the-clock logistical attention.

We understand the needs of Richmond, and we understand the critical demands of businesses in the capital city. We know that your business reputation hinges on your ability to get things done and make it happen…whether an immediate, last-minute need or a planned standard delivery. When your company needs to get it there on time, every time, Orbit Same Day is who to call.

Two Delivery Options
To Meet your Every Courier Service Richmond Needs

Scheduled and Routed Courier Service – Richmond

  • Orbit Same Day is the foremost expert in creating optimized routes for scheduled deliveries.
  • Thousands of miles and hundreds of locations visited daily by our team of professional couriers.
  • At Orbit Same Day, we operate an entire fleet of scheduled drivers, meaning we have access to available couriers for every need, routed from one centralized dispatch team.
  • Powered by the latest routing & tracking technology for effective accountability.
  • Customized courier service routes in Richmond tailored to the specific delivery needs of your business

On-Demand Courier Service Richmond

  • On-demand deliveries for our regular customers.
  • One-time orders for one-time customers.

The Three Factors that Determine Shipment Cost

Time: How soon the order must be picked up and delivered, and how long will it take for our courier to make the drive.

Distance: How far our couriers will need to travel. Typically, orders that are less than 10 miles are billed as a standard flat fee. Longer trips are billed based on a per mile rate.

Vehicle: The type of vehicle used. Cargo Van deliveries are more expensive than passenger vehicle deliveries, and box truck deliveries are more expensive than Cargo Van deliveries.

Regardless of the time, distance or vehicle needed to complete your order, we are committed to having fair and competitive courier service rates.

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We move what matters most.


  • Bank Deposits
  • Contracts, forms, and files
  • Engineering Drawings


  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Lab Specimens
  • Medical Supplies

Commercial & Industrial

  • Industrial Equipment
  • Marketing Materials
  • Janitorial Supplies


  • Flowers
  • Gifts & In-Store Pick-Up
  • Food & Beverage

Headache Free, Award-Winning
Courier Service in Richmond

Through the design and implementation of creative, efficient delivery and storage solutions, we demonstrate our commitment to our customers’ successes.

See the Orbit Same Day Difference.

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How we Operate

Get started today! Our simple process for requesting courier service in Richmond is easy as 1, 2, 3…

  1. COURIER SERVICE in Richmond
  1. Courier Service Richmond Requested. Orbit Same Day is on-demand for your business delivery needs when they arise.
  2. Quote for Courier Service is provided. Once we receive your request, we will prepare a quote for your delivery and confirm your payment method.
  3. Delivery Scheduled.  One of our reliable courier team members will deliver your products as agreed.

Orbit Same Day provides on-demand courier service in Richmond that can be tailored to meet your business needs so that you can ensure you are meeting your customer’s needs. All our deliveries are handled to your high standard of expectation. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Richmond is home to several major healthcare networks. We understand the critical courier needs of the medical industry.

We are sensitive to the critical needs of patient privacy and the special care that must be taken when transporting patient information, specimen samples and prescriptions. Our healthcare service deliveries are managed by our sister company, Orbit Healthcare.

Orbit Same Day: Your Affordable Choice

The cost of an in-house logistics team can be astronomical. Many businesses don’t need and can’t afford their own dedicated delivery staff. Often, their logistical needs can be more effectively outsourced to the courier service experts at Orbit Same Day.

Leverage the benefits of being part of the Orbit Same Day network of couriers. 

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The Orbit Same: Our Story

Driven to Serve

Since 2003 Orbit Same Day has designed, built and integrated unified logistics solutions that drive business in Richmond and surrounding markets. Our commitment to providing continuous innovation means we meet our clients’ evolving needs. We leverage the best practices from multiple service industries, making us your one-stop logistics provider.

Standard of Excellence

In each of our operating companies, we seek to deliver continuous innovation and value supported by best in class customer service. Our standard of excellence sets a high bar for courier services in Richmond and surrounding markets. As a supply chain services provider for multiple industries, Orbit is uniquely positioned to leverage best practices from one industry to another.

The Orbit Family Network 

We are supported by the rest of the Orbit Logistics family of services. From warehousing to courier services and beyond, our network is capable of meeting your business logistical and storage needs. Orbit Same Day is focused on designing routed, on-demand and same-day courier services, distribution pooling and final mile deliveries, private fleet outsourcing and warehousing service solutions for our customers.

Backed by the Orbit Logistics family of companies. That means…

  • Access to over 200,000 sq ft of warehousing and fulfillment space for pool distribution.
  • A network of independent contractors for our final mile deliveries.

Innovative vehicle and package tracking technologies. Never lost. Never late. Reliable service…guaranteed.

Extensive, Multi-State Network

Orbit Same Day is a leading provider of routed and on demand courier services in Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Georgia. Our extensive courier network is also supported by a best in class warehousing and fulfillment operation with warehouse facilities and fulfillment centers in Virginia Pennsylvania and Georgia.

Advanced Technology

At Orbit Same Day, we utilize a robust courier system that allows our team to be in the driver’s seat but keeps you in control of your operation. Our courier technology empowers you and your team by giving you the visibility into our courier operation that you need to make crucial business and customer service decisions. Our investment in this technology is geared specifically towards ensuring that your experience with Orbit Same Day is an exceptional one.

What to Expect
from the Orbit Family of Logistics Providers


At Orbit Same Day, we are committed to providing exceptional customer service and a great overall experience for our customers. More than anything else, you should expect to have a great experience with our team from start to finish, whether for a short-term STAT delivery need or for a complex solution of services designed to meet your needs for the long haul. If you are calling for an on-demand order, you should expect to have a pleasant and helpful conversation with one of our friendly, accommodating dispatchers.


We’re ready to handle your needs, whether short-term and immediate or services over the long haul. If you are working on a longer-term engagement, you will likely be working with one of our Courier Services Account Managers. You should expect your personal Account Manager to be helpful, listen to your needs, and help you develop a supply chain solution that works for you.


Once our couriers are engaged, you and the end-user customer should expect to meet a friendly, polite, and helpful courier driver. Our drivers ensure that what you need to be delivered is there when it needs to be with a smile.


Any of our partners will tell you that we are committed to customer service, open communication, and dedication to quality. The strength of our team is our greatest asset. Let us know how we can serve you.

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Our operators are standing by to help you setup your account and get your first delivery scheduled. Not sure what services you’ll need for your business? Our operators will help you develop a package of services tailored to the specific needs of your business, whether short term and immediate or longer-term. We look forward to handling your courier service needs in Richmond and surrounding markets.

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