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Located in Washington DC, Orbit Same Day is the leading same-day courier service company in the District. We proudly serve the Washington DC area with our exceptional quality and fast delivery services, always ready to take on your business delivery needs. At Orbit Same Day, we keep the wheels of your business turning by offering both routed and same-day courier services throughout Washington DC and surrounding areas. We have an expert team of couriers who are reliable, efficient and highly professional. We value your time and guarantee that we will get it there faster than the competition. 

At Orbit Same Day, we are open for business 24/7/365. We stand ready to deal with your business STAT and logistical needs with no trouble. No more waiting around for the typical workweek to have your packages delivered; dispatchers are standing by and can’t wait to take care of your order.

More than Ten Years of Courier Service in the DC Area

Rely on Orbit Same Day for your courier service needs in Washington DC and surrounding markets.

You can depend on Orbit Same Day for all your business courier needs. We proudly serve the DC Metro Area and even adequately serve Hampton Roads and Charlottesville. When your business demands 24/7 courier service, Orbit Same Day will get it there…on time, every time. 

Our years of operating in the DC area give us an in-depth understanding of the critical logistical demands of businesses both within and outside of the Beltway. We are fully aware that your company’s reputation is on the line when it comes to your ability to get the job done. It doesn’t matter if it’s a planned standard delivery, a last-minute need or an immediate job that must get done now. Orbit Same Day has your back. You can call Orbit Same Day courier service when your company needs to get it there on time, every time.

Courier Services in Washington DC and Surrounding Areas

At Orbit Same Day, We Have Two Delivery Options to Meet All
of Your Business Courier Service Needs in DC.

Same Day Courier Services. Scheduled, Routed, and On-Demand

Routed and ScheduledCourier Service in DC

  • When it comes to creating the most efficient routes for your business deliveries, the Orbit Same Day are the experts. 
  • Our expert team of professional couriers travels thousands of miles and hundreds of locations on a daily basis. 
  • Our operations are powered by the latest technology in routing and tracking to give our customers the most accurate information possible. 
  • Our customized DC courier service routes are tailor-made to meet the specific needs of your business. 
  • Here at Orbit Same Day, we have a centralized dispatch team that controls our fleet of scheduled drivers, giving us easy access to on-demand couriers to suit your every business need.

On-Demand Services DC

  • We provide our regular customers with the best on-demand delivery services. 
  • We’ve also got our one-time customers who need only one-time orders covered.

The Three Factors that Determine Shipment Cost

Time Determines Shipment Cost virginia beach courier service

Time: We take into consideration the length of time that it will take our courier to get to the dropoff location and the time that the item must be collected.

Distance Determines Shipment Cost washington express courier

Distance: Here, we take into consideration how far our couriers will have to drive. Normally, if an order is under 10 miles you will be charged a standard flat fee. If your job requires us to travel a longer distance then you will be charged on a per-mile basis.

Vehicle Determines Shipment Cost washington dc delivery

Vehicle: In this case, we consider the type of vehicle needed to effectively complete your job. For example, using a normal passenger vehicle for your delivery is going to be cheaper than using a Cargo Van. Likewise, a Cargo Van could be cheaper than using a box truck for your delivery.

No matter the distance, time or vehicle type that your order requires, rest assured that we are 100% committed to the most competitive and reasonable courier service rates around.

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How We Do Business

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A quote for Orbit Same Day Courier Service DC is Provided – After we receive your delivery request, a quote is then prepared and sent to you to confirm your delivery and payment method.

Reliable Courier Service Delivery in Washington DC - Guaranteed

Orbit Same Day
Delivery Scheduled

Orbit Same Day Delivery is Scheduled – We will assign your job to one of our expert team members to safely deliver your items as agreed.

Orbit Same Day courier service provides the city of Washington DC and the surrounding areas with 24/7 delivery services that can be customized to suit your unique business and customer needs. We guarantee that our deliveries will fulfill your requirements and satisfy your operational standards. We 100% guarantee your satisfaction.

Washington DC Healthcare Courier Services
Washington DC Healthcare Courier Services

Washington DC is the home of several major healthcare networks. Because we’ve been serving the medical sector for so long we are fully aware of their crucial courier needs.

We understand the need to keep patient information confidential and that extra care must be taken when transporting prescriptions, patient information and specimen samples. Orbit Healthcare, our sister company, manages our healthcare service deliveries.

Orbit Same Day Is Your Most Cost-Effective Choice

Hiring an in-house team of logistics can be extremely expensive. Additionally, most businesses cannot justify the need to invest in their own dedicated team of delivery experts on staff. The return on that investment (ROI) is simply not worth the expense.

The great news is that the logistical needs of most businesses can be effectively outsourced to a reliable courier service such as the experts at Orbit Same day. This gives businesses the edge of having professionals handle their delivery needs while not incurring the costs associated with hiring these experts in-house on a full-time basis.

We invite you to take advantage of the benefits of being a part of the Orbit Same Day family. 

Orbit Same Day: Our Story

Driven to Serve

Orbit Same Day has built, integrated and designed logistics solutions that serve the businesses in Washington DC and its neighboring cities. We will always meet our customers’ ever-changing needs because we are committed to continuously improving and innovating our operations. We carefully examine multiple service industries taking advantage of their best practices, making us the best logistics provider for you.

Standard of Excellence

We always aim to deliver on-going innovation for each of our operating companies as well as value supported by world-class customer service. When it comes to excellence and high standards in the courier industry in Washington DC.  we set the bar. Because at Orbit Same Day we take care of the delivery needs of multiple industries, we are strategically positioned to take advantage of the best practices in one industry and implement it in another.

The Orbit Family Network 

Everything from courier services to warehousing and beyond our network is more than able to satisfy your business storage and logistical needs. Our operations are supported by the rest of the Orbit Logistics family. At Orbit Same Day, we are committed to designing routed, same-day and on-demand courier services, providing warehousing service solutions, private fleet outsourcing, distribution pooling and final mile deliveries for our customers.

Reliable Courier Service Delivery in Washington DC and Surrounding Areas

Backed by the Orbit Logistics family of companies. That means…

  • Access to over 200,000 square feet of warehousing and fulfillment space forwarehousing, order fulfillment, pool distribution solutions, and more.
  • A network of independent contractors for our final mile deliveries.

Innovative vehicle and package tracking technologies. Never lost. Never late. Reliable service, guaranteed.

Innovative vehicle and package tracking technologies

Extensive, Multi-State Network

Orbit Same Day is the number one provider of on-demand and routed courier service in Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Our comprehensive courier network is backed by world-class warehousing and fulfillment operations with fulfillment centers and warehouse facilities in Georgia, Virginia and Pennsylvania.

Advanced Technology

At Orbit Same Day we put your team in the driver’s seat by utilizing a robust courier system that allows you to take control of your operations. We use our technology to empower you by giving you and your team the visibility that you need into our courier operations so that you can make the important business and customer service decisions that’s right for your business. We invest heavily in our technology so that we can provide you with nothing but the best customer experience when you use Orbit Same Day.

What to Expect
from the Orbit Family of Logistics Providers


At Orbit Same Day, we are committed to providing our customers with nothing short of exceptional customer service and the most amazing overall experience. Above all, we take pride in our exceptional customer interactions with our team from beginning to end, be it for short-term STAT deliveries or the need for a complex solution designed to meet your business needs for long haul deliveries. You can expect to be greeted with pleasant and helpful conversation from one of our many accommodating and friendly dispatchers who are always on the ready to take care of your on-demand needs.


Short-term, intermediate or long-term, we stand ready to take care of your delivery needs. If you are one of our long-term clients you will be assigned to a dedicated Courier Services Account Manager who will personally work with you to fulfill your courier service needs. You can rest assured that your personal Account Manager will be helpful, always listen to your needs and work with you to develop a delivery solution that is best suited for your business operations.


All of our partners and clients can attest to our dedication to exceptional quality, open communication and excellent customer service. Our greatest asset lies in the strength of our team. Let us know how we can serve you.


Any of our partners will tell you that we are committed to customer service, open communication, and dedication to quality. The strength of our team is our greatest asset. Let us know how we can serve you.

Ready for the Orbit Same Day experience? Let’s go!

Our operators are standing by to help you setup your account and get your first delivery scheduled. Not sure what services you’ll need for your business? Our operators will help you develop a package of services tailored to the specific needs of your business, whether short term and immediate or longer-term. We look forward to handling your courier service needs in Richmond and surrounding markets.