By following these suggestions from Orbit Same Day, you can save money without sacrificing quality.

1. Find Out How Much You Are Currently Paying Per Delivery

All businesses operate with a bottom line. The aim is to stay in the black which means the business is making a profit. To do this, both fixed and variable costs must be kept at a minimum. For online retailers and other businesses that deliver products to their customers, the cost of these deliveries is a necessary variable cost. The lower this variable cost is kept at will help the business have a higher profit potential.

The delivery of an organization’s products can occur with an in-house delivery service or one that is outsourced. With the large overhead of an in-house delivery department, the cost of sending packages is generally more than if deliveries were completed by an outsourcing company like Orbit Same Day services.

The costs associated with an in-house delivery department include:

  • The initial cost of the delivery vehicles, along with the added costs of maintenance, fuel and insurance.
  • The initial cost of a communication system between the dispatcher and the delivery drivers.
  • The cost of hiring employees to coordinate the packages and do the linguistics.
  • The cost associated with paying the delivery drivers and their benefits.
  • A hidden cost is the space in the warehouse used for the in-house delivery department and the storage of the products waiting to be shipped out.
  • The costs associated with this type of delivery service is variable because of vehicle breakdowns and maintenance along with employees and their salaries, to name just a few.     

The costs associated with an outsourced delivery company like Orbit Same Day, include:

    • The price of delivering the package is generally set by the distance between the pick-up and destination of the package.
    • An outsourced delivery company usually works at a fixed price rate. 

2. Find Out if Your Current Courier is Insured

For many businesses, insurance is a requirement, plus a good protection avenue.  This makes it possible to cover the costs if an expected event occurs. If you are currently using an outsourced delivery company to deliver your packages to your customers, you want to make certain that they are properly insured.

Many people do not realize that courier insurance has varying levels of coverage. The best courier insurance policies cover the package with a replacement if it is damaged during the delivery process when one of the following occurs:

  • The delivery vehicle is involved in an accident and the package is damaged.
  • The package is stolen before the delivery is made or misplaced for any reason and delivery does not occur.
  • The package is damaged along with its content before the delivery is made – this can occur during the loading, unloading or transporting of the package.
  • The package is lost due to fire.

If the courier does not have the proper level of coverage, the cost of replacing the package could rest with your company. If the courier service you are using does not voluntarily take responsibility for the damaged package, you can take them to court. The unfortunate thing about that is the cost of recovering the price of the package in this manner makes this approach undesirable.

Orbit Same Day has complete courier insurance to cover your package no matter what occurs or where it happens. The details include:

  • Commercial liability coverage is financial protection if the package is damaged on the premises of Orbit Same Day. This includes those businesses that use the Orbit warehouse for the storage of their products.
  • Cargo Legal coverage is specific protection for when the package is in transit to the Orbit Same Day distribution center or on its way to its final destination. This part of the policy covers the legal expenses.
  • To further protect the customer’s packages, Orbit Same Day also has Automobile Liability insurance that covers the financial cost of the package if it is damaged when the delivery vehicle is involved in an accident while the package is in transit.
  • Orbit Same Day has also taken out an Umbrella Liability policy that will cover the financial loss of your package. This is insurance if something happens to the package that is not already covered as part of the coverage mentioned above.

Orbit Same Day courier service has been in business for 16 years with employees who have been in the delivery business for 30 years. With this much experience, Orbit Same Day has the foresight to anticipate the unexpected and to take the proper precautions to ensure the integrity of their business. This has earned the trust of their customers. It is true to say that not one person or business can see everything; but with this experience, the people at Orbit Same Day know how to protect their customer’s property and do it to the best of their ability.

Our Drivers…

In order to drive Orbit Same Day courier vehicles, our dedicated staff must undergo many procedures before they will be entrusting them with customer’s packages. This includes an in-depth background check, 7-panel drug screening along with a complete insurance and driving record review.

Once that is complete then prospective couriers must complete the Orbit Same Day IC orientation classes. This critical step is done to ensure only the best proceed. In this class, our couriers are shown what is expected of them. This covers the fact that they are the face of our organization who physically meets our customers upon the delivery of the packages.

Specific items covered in our orientation include proper etiquette for interaction with our customers. It also includes the correct uniform and attire that must be worn at all times in order that each employee represents the company in a professional manner. 

For those customers of ours that have specific procedures and requirements, the couriers that drive their routes are also trained in those procedures. This is done to make sure customer satisfaction is achieved with every delivery.

With fully insured vehicles and trained drivers, your packages will be safely delivered to your customers in a manner that reflects a positive image of your company.

3. Find Out How Much You’ll Save By Getting a Dedicated Route

With an in-house delivery service, the only routes are those of your business. Because of that, your company pays the full price of that route. This includes the time it takes to drive the route, along with the fuel and other miscellaneous costs.

By outsourcing your delivery network with Orbit Same Day services, you will be one of many who choose this quality delivery service for the transportation of their products. Because of that, the costs are shared. This lowers the price for the transportation of packages. This offer is possible from Orbit Same Day since they already cover thousands of miles with hundreds of routes every day for their customers.

The dedicated routes include those between Orbit Same Day service centers. These service centers and offices are located in Georgia, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Multiple service centers and offices are scattered throughout these states so connecting between them allows package delivery to be as close as possible, thus making delivery short and on time.  

Repeat and regular customers, who have chosen us to be their outsource courier service, have dedicated routes that are specific to them. 

By having these dedicated routes handling many of our customer’s packages, Orbit Same Day can help keep their cost low without sacrificing the quality of service they offer. With lower operating costs, Orbit Same Day can offer its services to the business world at a low and competitive price. This is one of the ways Orbit keeps their prices low. These dedicated routes of Orbit Same Day are not a secret and they will let you know when your delivery is a part of it if you ask.

Advantages of outsourcing your deliveries with Orbit Same Day

Deciding on how to get your products to your customers is the decision of using in-house or outsourced delivery services. By outsourcing with Orbit Same Day, you will have a dedicated staff of delivery professionals working for you 24/7. This is the best way to have your deliveries completed that is headache free for your organization.

By avoiding the hassles and costs of having an in-house delivery department, your company will save a large amount of capital without having to invest in an in-house delivery department. This capital can then be diverted to other departments that would benefit your core business.   

With a stronger base in your core business through investment, your organization can operate more efficiently. This can lead to higher profits and customer satisfaction.

With Orbit Same Day handling the deliveries of your products, you can concentrate on what your organization does best. We will also do what we do best, which is deliver your goods in a manner you need to make your customers happy and satisfied with your products and services.

Before scheduling your next delivery, do these 3 things and you can lower your delivery costs without sacrificing quality of how your packages are delivered to your customers. This can influence your customers to make more purchases in the future that will help your company grow.