Orbit makes Deliveries Anywhere in the State of Virginia on the same day you have the packaged picked up.

For businesses in and around the state of Virginia, same day service by a courier is essential to keeping businesses operating at peak efficiency. This is how businesses today keep moving forward so parcels and items can be delivered without delay. With the widespread use of eCommerce and the rise in same or next day shipping by online retailers and other courier services, the world is getting used to and planning on delivery of documents and packages as fast as possible.

How effective is Orbit’s coverage in Virginia?

To help meet the needs of the same day service of our clients, we have 4 different locations in Virginia wherein we process documents and parcels. These locations are where an Orbit service center handles, processes and ships with one day delivery of the items our clients rely on to keep their businesses moving in a positive direction.

Locations of our service centers in Virginia include the metropolitan hubs of Richmond, Charlottesville, Roanoke and Norfolk. This makes it possible to deliver your packages, without delay, the same day we pick up your item.

Why is Same Day Delivery Service so Important?

In today’s business climate, a delay of any type costs an organization money. By using the Orbit Same Day courier service, you will have a reliable and trusted source making the connections you need to succeed in the fast paced environment of the current business world. This is required since not everything can be sent online. Items most often sent using Orbit Same Day courier service include but are not limited to;

  • Replacement parts for vital equipment
  • Original documents with real signatures and certification stamps
  • Sensitive written material including contracts and engineering drawings
  • Replacement equipment
  • Necessary supplies to keep your operation functioning
  • Bank deposits
  • Medicines
  • Lab samples
  • Gifts
  • Flowers

Why Orbit Same Day Service is so Efficient?

Because Orbit has more than one service center in the state, the closest one is used to pick up your item. Your item is then transported to the closest service center near the destination of the item where it is dispatched for delivery. This decentralized business plan makes it possible for the fastest delivery of our client’s items and avoids the possibility of the item getting lost or delayed in a large centralized collection center (like those used by some of the big delivery services).

Why do Repeat Customers see a Reduction in Delivery Times?

Upon receiving a request for a pickup by a new client, Orbit designs a route for the fastest retrieval of the item that needs to be shipped. This route along with the route to get the item to the destination in the shortest allotment of time is then planned. With the routes established in Orbit’s system, they can be used again and again without the necessity of planning it which takes a little bit of time. Because of that familiarity with a client, delivery times are slashed.

What Types of Same Day Courier Services does Orbit offer in Virginia?

Because no two businesses are the same, Orbit offers custom courier services in Virginia to meet the needs of our clients. There are two distinctive delivery options available to our valued clients.

Scheduled and Routed Courier Service in Virginia

  • We have regular clients that need our courier services on a continuous basis, so they are placed on optimally scheduled routes.
  • These scheduled routes are operated by our fleet manned by couriers that travel these routes on a regular basis.
  • Because of the familiarity with the routes, the couriers have an increased efficiency that makes it possible for Orbit Same Day service to exceptional service to our clients.
  • Orbit Same Day service covers thousands of miles, connecting hundreds of locations on a daily basis.
  • This scheduled routing and delivery of packages is guided by using the latest in tracking and routing software to maximize efficiency.
  • We happily customize routes for our clients if we determine that to be necessary.

On Demand Courier Service in Virginia

We know not everything will fall into a schedule so we offer Orbit On Demand Courier Services. All that is required when you have a special delivery item that has to get to its destination that same day, is to contact Orbit and place an order.

  • On Demand Courier Services are available to our regular clients including those on our scheduled routes.
  • The On Demand Courier Service is also available for anyone that needs… whether for one-time or repeat use clients.

Reasons to Outsource your Deliveries with Orbit Same Day Services

To operate a business efficiently, the overhead costs have to be kept at a minimum. The cost of running a delivery service In-house is extensive and impractical for many organizations. By outsourcing your deliveries to Orbit, you will save money in many areas including:

  • No fleet of vehicles to purchase, maintain or insure.
  • No need for the manpower to manage, dispatch or deliver the items. This also saves money on expensive benefits packages.
  • Save space in your warehouse that would be used for storing and staging the items to be shipped by your drivers.
  • Save money by not having to purchase equipment and software to organize, track and route the packages you need shipped in an optimized manner.
  • Most in-house delivery services operate on limited hours per day. By using Orbit Same Day services in Virginia you will have a 24/7 delivery service working for you.
  • Your organization will not have to put up a large amount of capital to get an in-house delivery service up and running.
  • By outsourcing to Orbit Same Day in Virginia, the time required for becoming operational is reduced to one day.

By choosing Orbit Same Day courier services you will not have to worry about this part of your operations so you can fully concentrate on your core business operations. Orbit has a great track record of on-time delivery that stretches back to 2003 with employees that have been in this business sector for more than three decades. Because of that experience, not only will you save money, you’ll forego the headaches associated with late deliveries, returns and cancelation of orders.

What types of Organizations Hire Orbit Same Day Courier Service?

At this time, Orbit Same Day Courier Service in Virginia has clients in the industrial business sector along with both mid and small size businesses and individuals. No job is too big or too small for us to handle.

Since our client base is so large we specialize in both pool distribution and last mile delivery. The pool distribution is used mainly by large and mid size organizations that commonly have multiple destinations for deliveries to be made in a geographical area like the state of Virginia. Nearly all of the individual deliveries are last mile which is the delivery service term when delivering a letter or parcel to a residence or office.

Why Hire Orbit Same Day Courier Services?

The Orbit Same Day delivery service is the most cost effective way for a business or organization to get their products to their customers in the fastest manner possible. The only restriction is that the order must be received at an Orbit office by 2 pm local time for same day delivery to occur. All orders received after that time will be delivered first thing the next morning.

Though the delivery of packages is the main function of Orbit, it is not our only service. For businesses that either do not have a warehouse or need more storage space, Orbit has climate controlled warehouses where your products can be stored on both short and long term conditions. This can also be used as a staging area for your product before delivery.

For eCommerce businesses and other organizations that sell retail items to the public, Orbit also has a Return Management System in place. This is the mechanism used when a customer of our client needs to return an item for whatever reason. This is one of the mechanisms in place to improve customer satisfaction for all involved.

If You Are Not Sure if Your Business Needs Same Day Courier Service, Just Look at What Your Competition is Offering.

In the present business climate, same day delivery service is one of the required components in order to guarantee industry competitiveness. By outsourcing your delivery needs with Orbit Same Day courier service in Virginia, you can stay competitive without the capital expense of adding an in-house delivery service to your organization. You can also add this high quality service for your customers in just one day with a phone call or email to Orbit Same Day Courier Service in Virginia.