Prevent the Horror Stories of Lost Packages, Late Delivery or Uninsured Driver Issues from Happening to You

There is nothing worse than relying on a delivery service and being let down. This is terrible for the businesses who need the parts or supplies necessary to keep their operations moving forward. It is even worse for a delivery service to have this happen to them because they did not plan for the unexpected.

How does a Delivery Service Prevent Packages from Getting Lost?

The old way was to keep a written log of all packages. In today’s world, we have advanced so far in technology that this outdated method is only used by Mom and Pop shops in small towns.

With the age of computers and electronic devices, advancements have been made that, when implemented correctly, can track even the smallest of packages accurately. This tracking begins when it is picked up and ends upon its delivery. Your clients will never have to ask the question: “Where is my package?”

Professional delivery services, like Orbit Same Day, use a web-based tracking system that provides real-time status of all packages in their system. Each package has a unique tracking number so it can be instantly isolated and its location pinpointed.

How does the Package Get Tracked So Effectively?

Each package has either a lot number or serial number that is recorded whenever it is handled. Tracking begins upon pick up when it is first entered into the system. The next entry of the tracking number occurs when the package is taken out of the pickup vehicle upon arrival at the warehouse or service center.

If the package is placed in a holding area, that is noted. It will also be recorded if its next step is being placed on another delivery vehicle for the last mile or transported to the next service center from where the last mile will be carried out. Each time the package is touched, its location is recorded which keeps the tracking of each package accurate in real-time.

The real-time location of all packages and how long it has been there are available on the display used by Orbit Same Day personnel. This makes it easy and possible to locate any package in the system used by Orbit Same Day in just a few seconds and prevents any of them from getting lost.

For clients that want or need to know the exact location of their package, all that is required is for them to contact their local Orbit Same Day Service Center.
For the client that needs constant updates, Orbit Same Day personnel can contact them at every step of the delivery process. This allows them to know in real-time where the package is and they can anticipate its delivery time.

This can be accomplished by a phone call, text message or email – client’s choice.

Orbit Same Day also deploys the latest technology that allows clients to use the web-based tracking system to track their packages in real-time on their own using the web-portal.

The web-portal is the fastest and easiest way for any of the clients to track their packages in real-time. The technology Orbit Same Day deploys makes this possible with all of the packages they handle.

How are Late Deliveries Prevented?

There is nothing worse than needing the delivery of vital information for a meeting or a part to make your operations fully functioning and it being delivered late. Orbit Same Day understands this and has taken steps to ensure that it does not occur.

As part of their name, Orbit Same Day processes any order they receive on the same day the package is picked up. (This is guaranteed only if the order is placed and the package is retrievable by 2 PM EST.)

For many rush deliveries, couriers will make sure your package is delivered to its destination before their workday ends. This may mean working into the evening hours when long distances are required with trips from one end of Virginia to the other.

Couriers do their best to make deliveries during the normal working hours of business, but at times traveling distance prohibits that. When late hour deliveries are requested, the receiving business needs to have personnel on hand to receive the package. This is required since all packages must be signed for by the recipient before they are released and considered delivered.

Managers can verify that a package is delivered using the real-time tracking system from Orbit Same Day online. This portal is available to all clients 24/7.

All of Orbit’s deliveries are completed by trained and reliable group of couriers. All of them are assigned to particular areas so they know the roads, the traffic bottlenecks and any construction sections that might hinder their path to their assigned destinations.

When encountering a new route, these couriers also have access to a GPS service that helps guide them with the shortest route to help them deliver every package on time every time.

Orbit Knows Their Capabilities in Making Deliveries

Orbit Same Day is based out of Virginia, but can make deliveries across the nation. The same day services they make are within a localized area which includes five states and Washington DC. If the distance from Virginia to your last mile is quite significant, the number of days required for your delivery might be a little bit longer.

Orbit Same Day can deliver packages in two days as far north as Maine and south to Florida. Heading east, the line for two day service is the Mississippi River and Alabama.

Three day service is to the edge of the plains states including Nebraska and Texas to the south.

Four day service takes us to the edge of the Rockies with Idaho, Nevada and Arizona.

Five day service is as far as they go, which is all the way to the Pacific Ocean.

What does Same Day Shipping Mean to Orbit Same Day?

The term Same Day Shipping is not only part of the company name, but also their business practice. What that term means in way of service is that when a package is received by an Orbit representative on or before 2 PM of the workday, it will be processed and on its way to its second destination in the delivery process.

This practice is made common in order for local deliveries to be made the same day and those a short distance away to be ready for delivery the following morning. The process makes it possible to have the smallest allotment of time for the packages to get to their destinations.

delivery boxes

Their Couriers are the Backbone of the Business

For some delivery services, there are issues with uninsured drivers. The only time Orbit Same Day has an issue with an uninsured driver is when one causes an accident involving one of their delivery vehicles.

To make sure there is never an issue when an uninsured driver hits one of their delivery vehicles, Orbit Same Day has uninsured driver protection for all of our delivery vehicles. This level of insurance also includes content protection.

To help ensure the delivery of all packages when a delivery vehicle is involved in an accident, a second vehicle is dispatched to the site of the accident. There they load the packages up so they can continue on their way to the destination.

If by chance the content of a package is damaged in the accident, the content insurance of Orbit will cover its replacement with no questions asked. You will never have an experience like listed in the 15 of the worst package delivery horror stories.

Orbit Same Day knows they are fully responsible for the content they are transporting with their delivery service. They take that task seriously and perform it with the highest level of quality achievable.

Orbit Same Day services take steps to reduce packaging damage so the horror stories of lost packages, late delivery or uninsured driver issues do not occur in the transportation of items by their organization.

This is accomplished with each package Orbit delivers with up to date tracking software that clients can view in real-time. With this real-time service available to all packages which are stationary or in transport, nothing gets lost or is late due to a failure by Orbit. The one thing that is out of Orbit’s influence is Mother Nature.The property, vehicles and employees of Orbit Same Day are fully insured just in case of an unfortunate incident involving a package. This way the customer will receive the undamaged package and items every time.

Orbit Same Day makes it their mission to have your package delivered on time. Every delivery is completed successfully in order to ensure that delivery horror stories don’t happen to you.