Whether shoppers are in-store or online, the process of obtaining products is becoming smoother. Shoppers have long had opportunities to buy in-store or online with home delivery or in-store pickup, and, ultimately, it is all about getting products to customers in the most seamless way possible. As such, same-day delivery started out as a rising trend to enable a frictionless and immediate shopping experience. With a few clicks online, customers can receive their orders in a few days or within a certain time window on the same day.

​As today’s market becomes more competitive, it’s important to have the right business strategies in place. If you regularly make delivery transactions for consumers, one of the things you should be focusing on is meeting your customers’ demand for fast delivery service.

Globally speaking, same day delivery is no longer just a concept. Instead, it’s the standard practice in many industries nowadays. Fashion retailers, food and beverage companies, medical suppliers, car accessory manufacturers and a lot more are now offering same day delivery service to consumers.

Same day delivery refers to delivering your customers’ orders within a few hours upon receiving the order or within a certain time window on the same day. The underlying principle is to make products available to customers in as little time as possible within the day that an order is made.

Since a lot of shopping is now done online with a few clicks or swipes on mobile devices, shoppers are looking for the same kind of convenience in the delivery of items that they buy from their favorite stores, which is something that same day delivery provides.

For many customers, same day delivery is a great solution to their lack of time to go to brick-and-mortar shops to pick up the goods that they need. In fact, as much as 61% of shoppers are willing to pay extra for the convenience that same day delivery brings, which only shows that customers don’t like to be kept waiting.

From a business perspective, the value of same day delivery can be helpful in increasing your sales volume. There’s nothing more convenient for consumers than receiving their orders directly on-site. The level of service that comes with same day delivery can give you a lot of repeat business from satisfied customers.

Take a look at these statistics and other insightful information that you can use to put your business on a stronger footing with same day delivery:

  • Same-day delivery is likely to become available at most retailers with an online channel on a broad scale. 
  • Same-day delivery should be designed to provide a fast and extensive yet affordable mode of distribution of goods in densely populated areas where there is a high number of online shoppers. 

Who is Using Same Day Delivery?

About 51% of retailers offer same-day delivery to date. That number will continue to rise as we progress through the years. Same day delivery is also becoming more crucial amongst a variety of industries. The automotive and flower delivery sectors use it on a regular basis, as well as medical couriers taking advantage of same day use. 

Why Are Businesses Using Same Day Delivery?

Unbeknownst to many, same day delivery actually helps to increase the levels of productivity within a team. With a set goal in mind, a team is more apt to get the job done with a tight deadline as opposed to having many days to complete a project. Same day delivery can help businesses gain a competitive edge over 85% of other industry players. Orbit Same Day, for example, guarantees a final mile delivery. Through collaboration with sister companies, the Orbit Same Day team is able to provide the complete warehousing, sorting and staging services needed to get your product ready for delivery. Once sorted and staged, Orbit Same Day uses our team of Independent Contractors to make the final mile deliveries into the target market and your customer’s locations. Being able to use a single supply chain partner or both pooling and final mile delivery needs will save you and your customers time, money, and the stress of having to work with multiple vendors.  

Same day delivery also builds a relationship of trust with clients and promotes reliability and professionalism. Companies that have same day delivery capabilities could attain a significant increase in year-over-year sales and twice as much conversion. 

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Consumers and Same Day Delivery

80% of shoppers surveyed want same-day shipping, while 61% want their packages even faster — within 1-3 hours of placing an order.

It seems like growing up in our on-demand everything culture has seeped into the younger generation’s delivery expectations. Some studies have found that shoppers’ expectations have exceeded even that of same day, wanting their purchases to be delivered within a matter of hours. It should be no surprise that, with the ability to manage delivery logistics improving, customers have experienced ultrafast delivery in other industries, and this preference has begun to bleed over into retail.

23% of consumers would pay a premium for same day delivery.

Additionally, this percentage is expected to grow as younger consumers, 30% of whom are more inclined to choose same-day and instant delivery over regular delivery, become a larger portion of the consumer market.

Same day delivery expected to grow to 20-25% of package delivery by 2025.

Same day delivery is predicted to make up a quarter of ALL package deliveries within the next decade. 

51% of consumers want guaranteed delivery date.

“Shipping between 3-5 days” simply isn’t cutting it anymore, with just over half the consumer population wanting a clear date for when their products will arrive. Same day delivery solves this problem.

83% of online shoppers want package tracking.

Online shoppers consider knowing when a package would arrive to be the most important factor. This strong preference makes choosing delivery solutions with reliable shipping and, even better, seeing their package travel in real-time. Same day delivery services like Orbit Same Day offer real time GPS tracking with all orders. 

75% of consumers agree that the professionalism of the delivery person is important. 

Ultimately, the professionalism of the delivery provider directly reflects on the retailer. Receiving a package is often the last step of a consumers’ purchase experience, and therefore has the ability to leave the strongest impression—good or bad.

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Advantages of same day delivery

As already mentioned, we are living in the most technologically advanced period of our history. In the US for example, 88% of citizens have access to fast internet connection while Smartphone penetration rate stands at 72%. As a result of the technology we use, we are predisposed to expecting things to be done faster. Our attention spans have drastically shrank. No wonder retailers who offer same day delivery are becoming popular by the day. Do not let this opportunity slip away. Here are some advantages of same day delivery to consider, and while you’re at it, check out some easy tips for an easy transition if you’re looking to outsource your deliveries.

  • It offers clients a quality, convenient shopping experience they can enjoy and remember.
  • It increases the likelihood of your shoppers leaving positive feedback/product reviews after shopping.
  • Your business sales may increase because the opportunity for transactions is not restricted to any particular time of the day.
  • Same day delivery improves customer confidence in you.

Though the market is currently dominated by larger businesses offering same day shipping, smaller retailers will soon need to accept fate and begin offering same day services in order to remain competitive. The desire to receive goods and services quickly impacts delivery preference of the consumers.

If for some reason you do not have the means or capacity to offer same day shipping, you can engage the services of a third party shipping specialist in order to take advantage of the trends in consumer attitudes and preferences. Not everyone has time to wait around for delivery. Every day across the internet, 50% of abandoned shopping carts are due to unfavorable delivery options.

The importance of same day courier services for Virginia businesses has expanded in recent years. It has become so prevalent that many organizations now rely on it to keep their business operating at peak efficiency. With all of these statistics in mind, it is clear that they support one common trend: same day delivery is here to stay. Offering same day delivery has never been more important––or more accessible. Stay on the cutting edge of commerce with Orbit Same Day. Contact us today to get started and let us handle all the details of your delivery needs.