From an outsider’s perspective, the business of providing same-day delivery services might seem like a cut and dry type of service provision–transporting and delivering packages. However, this industry works like a machine: it requires various moving parts and each is prone to its own set of challenges. A reputable same-day courier service will be well-equipped to handle these challenges easily and effortlessly, with no delivery interruption, and there are many benefits of using a Courier Service.

Any challenges or obstacles that a business encounters must be resolved in the most efficient way possible. In this industry, each and every issue may result in a ripple effect – impacting not only their own business but the business of their customers as well. Any time delay in the delivery could mean the world for a consumer.

As a consumer, one of the best ways to avoid having any issues with the handling of your parcel, no matter its cost or its level of importance, is by trusting a reliable and highly recommended courier firm like Orbit Same Day. Reputable same-day delivery services are able to avoid common delivery issues, making sure your package arrives on time, every time.

Shipment Issues, Easily Avoided

Like any industry, courier service firms have their own sets of challenges and areas of opportunity. Some of these challenges are bound to happen at a certain point, and many are inevitable for this type of industry. Each same-day delivery service has a system in place for addressing challenges when they arise and preventing issues from happening in the first place. Reputable same-day delivery services like Orbit Same Day have protocols and contingency plans in place to ensure a seamless process in whatever situation their firm might encounter.

These are some of the challenges that a standard courier service provider might possibly encounter in their field of business, and the ways in which they are easily mitigated.

Damaged or Lost Packages

There is a certain level of novelty whenever we receive a package and we get to open it. No matter what the contents of the package might be…whether something of value, work-related products or essential home goods..its nice to unbox a parcel that you have just received. However, it is equally disappointing to receive a damaged package, its contents in ruins. Worst even: is if the package that you have been eager to receive from the moment you placed an order from an online shop is lost in transit. A parcel could have been misplaced or mislabeled making it impossible to reach its original destination. How do reputable same-day delivery services prevent damaged packages? Surprisingly, the first line of damage prevention defense begins on the front-end. How you package your contents can dramatically impact the delivery of your materials. Here are three ways to prevent damaged packages:

  • Ensure the contents are properly packaged in the first place. Make sure an appropriate-sized box or container is used and an ample amount of padding to protect the contents prior to handing off the package for the next phase of logistics.
  • Fill all empty spaces with proper packaging materials. Foam, bubble wrap, packaged air and ‘packing peanuts’ make great packages stuffers.
  • Package smaller boxes in larger ones for added cushion. Create an extra layer of protection for your materials by fitting your package into a larger box surrounded by cushioning material.

Avoid Expensive Mishaps with the Appropriate Insurance

A reputable courier service firm like Orbit Same Day complies with state-required and other regulatory business essentials to operate and service its customers. There are some aspects of a business that a reputable firm should not penny-pinch on; this includes insurance for the business and all aspects of its assets and travel or mileage expenses. Same-day courier services that do not outfit their business with the right insurance may suffer from the expensive costs of paying for lost or damaged goods, legal fees and other damage mitigation-related expenditures. When same-day courier services are properly insured, they are prepared to handle surprise mishaps or unfortunate situations (though rare).

Confirm Delivery Addresses to Prevent Delays

It could be a computer glitch while processing an order–like the auto fill option in your computer provided an old address or incorrect information, or an honest typographical error while entering the delivery address. Perhaps the delivery and billing address were accidentally interchanged. These are just some of the most common scenarios that may cause a package delivery delay. This problem can be easily prevented resolved through proper means of communication between the service courier provider and the package recipient. A phone call can be made or an email can be sent to the customer to confirm the correct address prior to delivery. Reliable same-day courier services like Orbit Same Day always confirm the correct address prior to delivery.

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Reliability of Third Party Logistics (3PL)

Some of the bigger courier service providers do not have the manpower and enough resources to have a geographical reach in certain areas, hence, they hire third party logistics (3PL) providers to finish the job for them. Outsourcing the last leg of the package delivery means parcels are vulnerable to another set of issues. Whenever a third party logistic delivers a package to a consumer’s doorstep, it is not the third party logistic’s name that is on the line, it is still the main courier service provider that the consumer recognizes. Vetting 3PLs to ensure the reliability of their staff, verify their logistical experience, the training procedures for their employees and the quality of their delivery fleet allows the main courier service to prevent any issues with 3PL last-leg delivery.

Accurate Package Documentation

Whenever you ship internationally, you should always begin by determining whether or not the item you’re shipping is a document. Although the question seems straightforward, different countries classify documents differently, and those classifications can be confusing.
Generally, a commodity which is typed, written or printed with no commercial value is treated as a document. Typically, this type of commodity does not require an invoice. If the commodity you’re shipping is part of a commercial transaction or has commercial value, it may be considered a non-document, thus requiring an invoice.

The lack of documentation or any inaccuracy in a document may cause huge delays in service delivery. This is beyond the control of the courier service provider but they still tend to be on the receiving end of the frustration from consumers.

Whenever any issue like this occurs, the reliable same-day courier service will reach out to the customer via phone call or email to keep them updated about the status of the package that they are anticipating. Keeping customers in the loop gives them a sense of transparency in the process and help to build trust in their relationship with the courier service provider. Although this type of issue is beyond the same-day courier service provider’s control, it helps to know that a package is being handled by a same-day courier service that is both dependable and reliable.

Orbit Same Day Courier Service Solutions

At Orbit Same Day, we provide reliable services with a cost-efficient price range that can accommodate all of your courier services needs. As the dependable go-to same-day courier service for the Commonwealth of Virginia, we are fully prepared to handle any issues that may arise in the logistics process, thereby minimizing or completely removing any delays in service. Increase your competitive advantage by using our reliable solutions to give your customer the best in same-day courier services. Orbit Same Day provides flexible and scalable routed and on-demand courier services for all forms of enterprise. We have different courier solutions designed for your needs such as scheduled delivery, on-demand courier, pool distribution, last-mile delivery and e-commerce support.