The market environment today has been nothing but a dream for consumers, almost everything can be purchased right from your fingertips. The e-commerce aspect of retail has leveled the playing field for many small to mid-size enterprises (SMEs) against large enterprises. Now, it is no longer simply about the product you are selling but also about the total customer experience a business can provide. A major selling point from the customer’s point of view is the delivery process: How fast can they get the product? How much is the shipping fee? Can the shipping fee be waived? How am I getting the product that I just purchased?

There’s a current market trend between the on-demand delivery firms and courier startups: they have been collaborating with global retailers to enhance their same-day delivery services. As a result, there is a higher return on investments (ROI) across the board whilst giving the end user a sense of control and overall satisfaction from the shopping experience.

The concept of same-day delivery was once unimaginable or maybe too expensive just a few years back. A lot has changed since then. Today, same-day delivery service is a necessity for many business sectors aside from retail. It has become the standard in industries like agriculture, health care and medical supplies, pharmacy and the tech industry, just to name a few.

Increasing demand for same-day delivery

E-commerce, including online shopping, is growing faster than ever. There are instances where a product is available across different shopping sites with the same pricing point and with the same quality. Consumers can then decide which shop to purchase from depending on the delivery time: Can it be delivered within the same day? Will it cost me extra? If so, will it be too much?
In this day and age where convenience is within everyone’s reach, it leaves a lot of opportunity for many to multitask and prioritize chores or projects. A task that can now be delegated in some form is online grocery shopping. As more places begin offering same-day delivery options to their customers, this is quickly becoming the preferred means of grocery shopping. Customers are even willing to pay a little extra for this type of delivery option since it saves them a huge amount of time browsing the grocery aisles, dodging traffic to and from stores (not to mention the parking situation), and removes the need for waiting in long lines.

Repeat orders, high returns

Experts noted that a completed order that is delivered promptly or promised orders that are immediately sent to your customers create a good impression. This puts your brand front and center in your consumers’ minds. From a business point of view, same-day delivery raises customer satisfaction and ensures repeat business from your loyal patrons.

In the process, many enterprises that provide same-day delivery service can help increase their conversion rates and higher profits in their annual sales.

Overcoming the setbacks of same-day delivery

Same-day delivery service is not something that is “too good to be true”. In fact, it requires a lot of moving parts to get the job done the right way. Keeping the delivery schedule of our customers is always a top priority. Though same-day delivery is not impervious to the fallacies of any logistic strategy, a reputable same-day courier service will be prepared to handle any issue that may arise.
There are several factors to consider when integrating the same-day delivery service model to a business: product, industry, location – all of these can have an impact on the cost and implementation of the same-day delivery window. For a startup business, this option of delivery service may take a good chunk of their resources initially. One challenge to overcome is finding an efficient system that will work for your business.
Small Retailers can mitigate the earliest hurdles of integrating same-day delivery service by:

  • Marketing specifically to the target audience
  • Providing top-notch customer service
  • Implementing same-day delivery service at select stores with strategic locations.

They also need to have the ability to ship their products to their customers as fast, if not faster, than their competitors. Most business challenges can be resolved through a great deal of research and resourcefulness. Once you find the right system in providing the same-day delivery service to your customers, the number of repeat customers will eventually grow. There is no better marketing strategy than satisfied customers recommending your business to their friends and family.

How Same-Day Courier Services Can Benefit You

Fragile products are less likely to be damaged or broken.

Sending a package that is either fragile or valuable requires a professional delivery service that knows how to handle such delicate items. Conventional courier services usually have all of their packages collected at a warehouse where they are sorted. Once sorted, they are then placed on a conveyor belt and loaded onto a truck. Once on the truck, packages are ready for delivery.

Packages are handled by trained professionals.

Packages are vulnerable to all sorts of potential damage during conventional transport. By choosing a same-day personal carrier like Orbit Same Day, you can prevent this type of problem. Each time you choose this service, it will be handled and delivered by professionally trained delivery staff who are committed to providing quality customer service. This minimizes any possibility of product damage.

delivery guy

Parcels are received quickly as expected.

In achieving time efficiency, couriers try to evaluate their system to find out how they can improve it. Same-day couriers cut back the warehousing process, pick up your parcels and bring them right away to their final destination. Most parcel services have to process the package in a warehouse. As packages go through a warehouse, it takes away valuable time before they can be delivered to the recipients.

Prevent potential errors caused by changing of hands.

In most cases, the parcel transit vendor, the delivery company that you paid and hired to process your package, is not usually the one that actually delivers your parcel in the end. The parcel vendor may send it to a local post office or regional delivery service. Whenever this occurs, the parcel will be re-scanned by a new delivery service and pass through another warehouse.

This service hand-off may cause delays in the delivery time of the package. It can also be as perplexing as solving a crossword puzzle when it comes to figuring out the correct tracking information. During the transfer of a package, it goes through a new tracking system, which everyone has no access. This problem can be resolved with a same-day delivery service.

Guaranteed customer satisfaction.

When a package or document is delivered efficiently as expected, you maintain your customers’ trust and respect, two customer service outcomes that are highly valuable to any business.
Having the ability to deliver a package within the same day instead of letting your customer or client wait a day longer or let the weekend pass could be all that matters in achieving customer retention.

Same-day delivery is a feasible option for several types of deliveries. Quick delivery times are only one of the many advantages of using Orbit Same Day courier service. From time-sensitive products to perishable goods that easily break down or get damaged, regardless of when you need your parcels delivered, pick up your phone and call a local courier service like Orbit Same Day.

What Makes Orbit Same Day Your Best Courier Vendor

Timely delivery.

Orbit Same Day has the experience and expertise in transporting and handling scheduled parcels or documents that are needed for your business. Our professional drivers are well versed in the Virginia landscape, with experience traveling across the state.
For every location that we service, our delivery schedules are well-planned and properly coordinated.

With our fleet of expert drivers, you are getting access to a reliable pool of courier delivery professionals coordinated by a centralized dispatch team who can handle same-day delivery requests without any hassle. Our model is equipped with state-of-the-art routing and tracking systems. Our team is knowledgeable when it comes to evaluating routes and approaches to improving delivery times and minimizing delivery costs.

On-demand courier process.

Orbit Same Day provides on-call services for all of its customers across the region. The firm can provide services whether for a one-time order, a recurring order or even bulk orders. In courier delivery services of any form, Orbit Same Day excels in all spheres of delivery needs.

In-depth pool of distribution and wide mile delivery.

Only a handful of courier firms have the depth of delivery services, skills and leadership that Orbit Same Day provides. Orbit Same Day takes pride in the caliber of services and customizable solutions available to customers.