Courier services are not a new concept. Since the beginning of civilization, merchants, military leaders and officials used couriers as a way to transport money, information and products from one place to another. Today, couriers are a key component of international business activity and are just as vital for large corporations as they are for small businesses.

Overcoming the challenge of securing a reliable courier service may seem daunting. There is a lot of competition between courier services vying to be called “the best.” So what makes a courier service stand out from the others? What should you look for when choosing a reliable courier service for your business?

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A Focus on Customer Service

The best courier service is focused on pleasing you, the customer, by providing quality service that is reliable every time. Whether the first delivery of the day or the last stop on the route, a courier service aimed at perfecting customer service represents your brand the way you want it to be represented.

A courier service that puts their customers first will do everything in their power to ensure that packages are delivered on time, every time. Take Orbit Same Day, for example. Orbit Same Day knows they are the first face your clients will see so they will provide the right courier solution for you and your business.


When you trust a courier company with your goods, you expect reliability. The best courier service is the most reliable. Reliable courier services understand that you have other critical business issues to worry about; getting your items safely delivered should not be one of them. The best courier service won’t make you wonder about the treatment and safety of your items; it will give you the peace of mind to be able to send them out and know they are in good hands.


The best reliable courier service is not only reliable, but honest. Things rarely go wrong with a reliable courier, but when they do the best courier service is honest and forthright about the problem, with solutions ready at the helm should issues arise. For example, Orbit Same Day believes that honesty is the best policy. We want our customers to feel as comfortable as possible and we pride ourselves on transparency in every single situation.


Your courier service is an extension of your brand. Couriers should be uniformed, polite and have customer service as their top priority. They should drive clean, well-kept vehicles. Professionalism is of the utmost importance when choosing the best courier service to represent your business.


Additionally, the best reliable courier service will actively communicate with you- and when appropriate, your recipient – about your deliveries. Whether they encounter traffic delays, a mistyped address or are notifying you that your delivery has been completed; clear communication is essential.

Ease of Use

Nobody likes complicated or inconvenient services. The best reliable courier service should have an easy-to-use order system. Whether you like ordering online, by mobile phone or calling Dispatch directly with your order details, the best reliable courier service will have multiple options available to you. Additionally, an excellent courier will allow you to track your delivery during the entire process and will send you email notifications upon completion. Your reliable courier service should fit seamlessly into your workflow logistics.

A Fair Value

Cheap rarely means the best. While this may be the case, you still want a courier service that won’t break the bank. The best courier company will provide you with a fair value for the services they offer. At Orbit Same Day, our goal is to tailor each contract with our clients to their specific needs. Overcharging is not a part of our model. Don’t need it? We won’t include it.

Enough Manpower

Your courier service should be able to accommodate your delivery needs even on the busiest days. The best reliable courier service is able to predict peak hours and days, and will have enough drivers on staff to accommodate its customers’ courier needs…no matter what day or time. They know that business doesn’t stop at 5 PM and will be available to you after hours and on weekends to ensure that your packages get to where they need to go, whenever they need to get there.

How To Choose The Right Courier

So we know what a courier does, the benefits of using a courier and why demand for couriers is increasing—but with all of this growing demand, how can businesses be confident when choosing one courier service over another?

There are many criteria for choosing the right courier.

Let us explore some of the most important ones so that you can make this decision with confidence!


It sounds so simple, but with today’s high demand, couriers are serving multiple companies with complex needs. Make sure that the courier you choose is aware of the average amount they will be needed on a monthly basis and when these engagements will typically take place.

‍Insurance And Security

What happens if your goods don’t arrive to the desired location or if they arrive damaged? It’s essential to protect your company from liability and hire a courier that gives you peace of mind in this regard. Make sure you research your courier’s insurance coverage and make an informed decision.


While couriers offer a premium service compared to mail, that doesn’t always mean they are expensive. Be sure to stay informed on the costs of doing business with a particular courier service, but also realize that cost is not always correlated to level of service.

Local Vs. National Or Global

If the range within which you need to transport your goods is small, consider going with a local company. Local couriers tend to be more efficient and flexible than larger companies working on a local scale.


Make sure the courier you are considering is equipped with the ability to efficiently and successfully transport and deliver the goods you need to move. For example, if you manufacture goods that require temperature-controlled transportation, it makes sense to work with a company that specializes in refrigerated transportation.


It’s also important to be informed on the type of delivery and tracking technology that your courier uses. Bad or outdated technology can lead to a lower delivery success rate and lower customer satisfaction.

In a delivery and logistics field teeming with innovative technology, the technology a courier uses can be very indicative of their trajectory and quality as a company.

Track Record

Ultimately, track record should be one of the most important factors when choosing a courier. Many companies take pride in their on-time delivery percentage and post it online. It makes sense to do a bit of online research for client reviews and ratings.
A courier or transportation company’s digital presence can also go a long way in reinforcing their reputation.

Because the demand for couriers has increased over the last decade, it’s important to distinguish the reliable services from those that are not. Here are a quick few things to continue to look for when deciding how reliable your courier service is for you:

First, check the courier’s track record through consumer review sites, local Better Business Bureaus, and other business contacts who you trust. Focus on reliability and research whether packages were delivered as expected. Once you’ve chosen a potential courier, ask key questions regarding their delivery protocols and schedules. Additionally, these courier services may be the only face a customer sees as a representation of your company. Make sure the courier’s employees look professional, drive reliable vehicles and are in tune with your vision of customer service.

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Couriers Are Here To Stay
Couriers will continue to be key players in the evolving world of logistics and transportation.
The importance of on-demand delivery will continue to influence technological innovation and a growth in importance of last mile delivery. Companies will need to make investments in the transportation and delivery space if they plan on meeting demand and providing great service to their customers.

Your Ideal Partner
It’s crucial that businesses partner with couriers that are able to support their demand, providing quality, efficient service.

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