In business, and pretty much in life, time is money. Our lives are full of moments hecticly strung to the next as we chase to keep up with an ever-evolving world; all while attempting to maintain precious personal time for our friends, families and ourselves. Companies like Amazon and Instacart have capitalized on our fast-paced lives, bringing more goods and services to our doorsteps faster than ever.  You can get groceries delivered to your door in an hour. You can have thousands of products shipped to you the next day. These types of delivery services also bring each movement of your order to your fingertips. You can track when something goes out for shipment, is in transit and roughly when a product will be delivered. Constant updates from delivery companies have truly become the standard. It’s just what customers (and businesses) want, and that demand for instantaneous services is only going to continue growing and evolving. 

So how do you keep up with this ever-increasing standard with your own business? How do you compete with massive retailers and their fleet of shipping facilities, trucks and drivers? It certainly requires some heft in planning and a ton of logistical and technical support, and many small businesses can’t afford to have drivers deliver things on demand. This is where a great courier service comes in handy. And Orbit Same Day offers something extra, something that can streamline your deliveries that much more: local warehousing and fulfillment. The combination of services puts you back in the game and makes you a competitor that can go the distance. 

There are several bonuses to working with a company that can combine local warehousing, fulfillment, and delivery like Orbit Same Day. Here are just a few: 

Local Warehouses Keep Your Products On Hand

Give yourself a head start with local warehousing. Having your products stored locally and ready for fulfillment at any given moment puts you way ahead of the game. Instead of waiting on fulfillments to come from another country, or even across our own country, Orbit Same Day keeps everything in your neighborhood. This means shipments can be easily delivered on the same day, like the name suggests. The bonus of our same day courier service Richmond is that anything your customers order before 2:00 pm they will have delivered that day. 

We can work with you on determining the best system of warehousing, fulfillment and delivery for your needs. With business to business, as well as business to customer options, we help you navigate the minutiae that might be slowing down your current in-house warehousing situation. Check out our Warehouse Checklist to get an idea of the comprehensive warehousing environment we can create for your business. 

Be Green and Save Money

Local warehousing is more than just convenient, and when you really break it down there are a couple less obvious perks. When you utilize local warehousing, you’ll save in multiple ways that may not seem like much, but add up in the long run. For one thing, you’ll save money on long distance shipping and truck mileage. You also cut costs needed to employ and manage your own warehouse workers. The less obvious saving? With options to set up repeat deliveries, there are even more ways to customize options to save money and mileage. Consistent, reliable shipping makes your customers happy, and shipping over a shorter distance means that the associated transportation greenhouse gases are cut down! It’s a perk that your customers, the planet (and your pocketbook) will thank you for.

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Mistakes Happen

It’s happened to everyone. Sometimes you order the wrong thing, and have to return it. Sometimes you order something to a wrong address or switch the digits in your zip code. Fortunately, it’s 2020 and you no longer have to manage every single exchange, return or confused address on your own. Our comprehensive fulfillment and warehousing systems take care of all of that for you, leaving your time (and your employees’ time) freed up to continue scaling your business up. Those small digital mistakes don’t have to set a whole shipping schedule behind. Additionally, having a great return policy is an opportunity to build a relationship with a customer, even if they don’t keep the original product. 

As with the speed that the internet has brought to shipping services, it has also granted customers the ability to share their service experiences to massive audiences at the click of a button. Websites like Reddit and Twitter provide merciless platforms for angry customers to blast companies whose customer service policies aren’t up to par. Mistakes happen, but you don’t have to let them get you or your customers down. Get ahead of your next customer service tragedy and let Orbit Same Day take care of your returns. 

Plus, we have already done the leg-work to find the best ways to ensure Orbit Same Day Avoids Common Delivery Mistakes (hint: sometimes it’s as simple as a phone call). A local warehouse makes it easier to correct wrong deliveries and manage customer service challenges without slowing down your entire fulfilment center or backing up your warehouse.  

Let’s Get Personal

Sometimes, closer is just better. And sometimes people are better than robots. Orbit Same Day offers the spread of a large company without losing what makes small businesses amazing— real people. We pride ourselves on the customer service experiences we deliver both to you and your customers, and we make ourselves available with real people. This blog by Gregg Johnson on Harvard Business Review gets into the nitty-gritty details about how, despite being in an extremely digitized age that is only going to become more automated, people still want to talk to people! Not robots. Here at Orbit Same Day, we get it and we think that’s pretty reasonable. In fact, we’d rather talk to you. The more we know about you, your business and the clientele you service; the more we can tailor our services to fit your business, big or small, and the more fruitful our partnership can be. We want to see you grow, and we can help you do it. 

Oh, and we aren’t just ready to communicate with you. We’re ready to communicate with your customers to clear up potential delivery issues and confusions before they even happen. The goal is simply to provide excellent service so your business can shine. 

Don’t Get in Your Own Way

As businesses are scaled and grow, the moving parts begin to multiply and become more and more demanding, requiring increased attention by business owners and their employees. Fulfillment, inventory tracking, scheduling deliveries and managing orders all take either an incredible attention to detail or a fantastic logistics system. Orbits Same Day has a fantastic logistics system to back up the complications that arise as demand for your product steadily increases. Partnering with a warehousing and fulfillment service with the IT to back it up takes a massive load off your plate. You can virtually erase the time you spent tracking inventory, because our warehousing services track it all in real time. That way, you always know where you stand—quickly and easily. It’s all accessible online through your client portal. 

Orbit Same Day can also meet the demands of a fluctuating sales year. By relying on a private fulfillment service like ours, you outstrip the competition using services like FedEx, USPS, and UPS during your busiest seasons. Our delivery service will make your business stand out, getting products delivered on time (whether it’s a last minute, same day delivery or regular shipments to the same place). Orbit’s ability to ebb and flow with the needs of your business and customers means something else as well:  your employees will enjoy more regular hours. Instead of over-burdening your staff during peak seasons, or spending the money to onboard a seasonal crew, Orbit Same Day can handle that fluctuation in house. You still get excellent delivery and fulfillment services, you just get it without any headaches. And your customers get any order placed before 2:00 PM delivered to them that day. 

It’s a pretty good deal. So don’t stand in your own way—delegate some of your warehousing and fulfillment logistics to us. Orbit Same Day offers such comprehensive packaging with courier, warehousing, and fulfillment services you’ll probably be kicking yourself for not outsourcing sooner.  


When you eliminate a process from your company (like warehousing or fulfillment) you open up space for something new to grow. Like pruning a tree, when done properly it creates so much space for you and your staff to dedicate themselves to continuing to scale your business without getting hung up on the logistics of managing what you already have. 

If you aren’t utilizing a third party to manage these legs of your business, you’re quite possibly overworking yourself and you’re missing a great opportunity. Why not contact Charlottesville Va Courier Service to get a quote and see what’s possible?