Nonprofit organizations provide every community very useful services. They focus on their cause, whether it’s to help underprivileged children or to provide health aid to those in need. They don’t really worry about anything else from their bottom line to how supplies and products might be delivered. It’s not that those in charge don’t care about this stuff; it’s simply that it may not be the first thing on their mind. 

A nonprofit business drives itself to ruin when it cannot bring its products and services to where they need to go. If medical supplies need to be delivered in a timely manner, that is something that cannot fall through. Without a proper system for delivery, any organization cannot expand and do what it intends to do.

There are a lot of benefits of outsourcing a nonprofit can gain if they do it right. Here at Orbit Same Day, we aren’t just limited to big businesses looking to take off some of the workload. In fact we are here for the small businesses and nonprofits. We want to be an asset to you. Not just take off the workload but work with you to make your organization the best it can be. 

The Benefits for Your Nonprofit 

Running a nonprofit is hectic and you need to make sure each of your choices is the best choice for the future of the nonprofit. If you’re uncertain whether outsourcing your delivery sources to a third party courier business is a good idea, we’re here to show you that outsourcing is probably more beneficial than not.

Cut Your Costs 

Creating a well-run same day courier service Richmond with a good amount of employees, vehicles and management is not within reach for most nonprofits. There is a simple gap in resources there to work with simply because most resources have to go to the work being done by the nonprofit. Because of this the cost of hiring a third party courier company would be several magnitudes smaller than the cost of creating your own system. 

Think about it like this: if you have to take the time to hire a delivery crew and keep them on payroll you’re actually putting out more money than if you had a contract with a third party delivery company. 

Only at the smallest level, where you are a nonprofit operating on a single small town level or similar, could hiring a third party company be too big of an expense. For example, if your delivery system consists of a single person and their personal truck, then you might be too small. That said, nonprofits will often want to grow in scope, so as soon you go beyond that size, it becomes a pretty viable money saver. 


Less Legal Responsibilities 

It may seem problematic to shift responsibilities to another company, but that is something you can avoid when using third-party couriers. If a delivery is damaged or lost in any way, it is the courier’s fault. Nothing falls back on you because you outsourced to a third-party. 

The costs of legal concerns can be big for any company. You must weigh and calculate every risk. It is not unethical to allow a business who deals with such risks as their very premise to take on the responsibilities. The fewer risks that you run, the easier your nonprofit will be to keep existing and doing the good it set out to do.

Re-Establish a Focus on Your Core Business

When you don’t have to worry about problems such as logistics, you are able to focus on doing what your core business means to do.

Delivery service is pointless if in running it your product or item you are delivering suffers. There would be nothing to deliver if you didn’t have the time to focus on creating. Take the time that you would be spending worrying about logistics to ensure that whatever your core idea is, remains running at peak performance.

Fast Delivery By Experts in Your Area 

A third party courier service is a functional business for a reason. They have created a system and produce a value that allows them to compete in the market. Assuming you have done your research, a well-chosen courier company, like Orbit Same Day, will be some of the best workers in the business. Trusting your deliveries to a good courier company gives you speed and professionalism you can count on. This keeps your nonprofit running at a smooth and efficient pace.

We are in the Courier Business for a Reason

In any business, there is a need to compete to gain the customers you need to thrive. The courier business is no different. Many nonprofits do not have a lot of money to operate their business. So, despite it being cheaper than delivering themselves, hiring a third party courier is still a big expense. A good salesperson will work with a nonprofit to ensure they get a plan that is within their budget and get their money’s worth. Push your courier options to compete and see how potent of service you can get for your price. You may find it surprising how much a nonprofit can afford.

Reap from Other Services 

The bigger and older courier companies might have more than a delivery system as an offer to do business. Some couriers have a warehouse supply chain that they offer to their clients. Getting access to a warehouse supply chain can increase your nonprofit’s ability to operate by massive degrees. At Orbit Same Day, all you have to do when warehousing with us is send us your order and we will pack it up and deliver it quickly! 

There can be a variety of other services that a single courier company could offer. They could offer communication services or marketing potential. No matter what else the company can offer, every add-on past the initial delivery outsourcing is a beneficial connection you can use to further your nonprofit.

A Schedule You’re Able to Count On

Not every courier company that advertises has a guaranteed level of professionalism and efficiency. The ones that do, however, get far on that reputation.Looking for companies that have renown for their efficiency gives you peace of mind. Good companies give you a schedule you can rely on, and that means your business has a powerful schedule to base its operations on.

A stable schedule of operations makes an entire process run smoother. The more details you can count on, like a solid courier, the better it is for your nonprofit.

Extend Your Reach to a Larger Customer Base

A third party courier will often have a range of places that they are able to deliver to. The biggest of these businesses can deliver across the country or even across the world. The more people your courier can deliver to, the bigger your influence can reach and the more people your nonprofit can benefit.

Expanding your customer base gives you more opportunities to deliver your goods or services. The more opportunities to do this you have, the bigger your name can be. This allows you to grow by name recognition. You are getting more donations and backers to your nonprofit because they have seen more and more of your brand.

Putting Facilities Where They Matter 

When you have couriers that can reach wherever you need them, that means you can set up your facilities not where your delivery routes are most, but where your facilities matter most. 

Does your nonprofit get the most donations downtown, but delivers far out of big cities? Now you can focus on where you get the most inward product without worrying about the long trip to deliver it. 

Network Power

A courier system can deliver a good deal more than your products. They can also deliver your name and package. 

As with reaching a bigger customer base can affect your donations, your brand can outreach to other nonprofits and potential business partners. The power you can get when you start networking with companies and operations you never thought you would even talk to can be a great booster to your nonprofit.All of this because you chose courier business that rocketed you out into the world.

A Courier You Can Trust 

Are you convinced yet? The benefits of outsourcing are a major boost that can send a small, local nonprofit into benefiting people across the country and beyond. All of this with a mind on savings and efficiency. Orbit Same Day wants your nonprofit business to thrive like it never has before. Let us help you become as efficient as possible. We have reliable couriers who will go the “final mile” to make sure your products get to where it needs to be in time. And our Warehouses are available for your use. 

Eager to find a courier to benefit your nonprofit? We are here to help. Contact us today!