Did you know that businesses are turning to Third Party Logistics (3PL’s) companies such as Orbit Same Day  Courier Service Charlottesville to handle their warehousing needs? You’d be surprised to know that more and more companies are using 3PL’s such as Orbit Same Day because of their level of efficiency and effectiveness acan nd their ability to save their client’s time and money. If you want an example of the magnitude of companies that are using 3PL’s to take care of their warehousing needs you needn’t look further than the Fortune 100 list of companies as 96 of them use companies such as Orbit to handle their warehousing needs.  

One might think that only large companies can save time and money by using a warehousing company such as Orbit Same Day rather than a small or medium-sized company. But you’ll be pleasantly surprised to hear that businesses of all sizes can save time and money by using a company like Orbit Same Day. Honestly, if you’re not in the business of warehousing you should be outsourcing that aspect of your business. Let’s examine some of the many ways that having a warehousing company such as Orbit Same Day manage your company’s warehousing needs can save you time and money. 

Time – Your company can focus on what it does best, not on warehousing

Warehousing is incredibly intricate and complex and it requires tons of experience and expertise to get right. Heck, even Walmart has to learn that the hard way when they initially started offering shipping options on their online orders to compete with Amazon. Now it seems they hired the experts that they needed and got a working system in place, however when they just started out it was anything but smooth sailing. 

Of course, Walmart is a multi-billion dollar company so they can afford the growing pains of having in-house warehousing and dealing with the hiccups that come with it. 

If your company doesn’t need to worry about delivering your products to your customers then you can focus on what your company does best, providing an amazing product or service. Even managing a small warehouse is intense, time-consuming and possibly expensive. 

If you’ve managed so much as a small office storage facility, even if it only contains office stationery, then you can already picture what the inventory process looks like. Storage management, shipping management (or in the case of an office storeroom managing the distribution of stationery, even if it’s the office next door), and add in the returns that will inevitably become a part of your warehouse management and you will find an already overwhelming schedule becoming even more burdensome. 

Having a 3PL company such as Orbit Same Day can really take this nightmare of a process off your plate, freeing up your time and energy to focus on your business core strengths. Think of this as delegating the entire warehousing process to professionals with years of industry knowledge and expertise that costs less than you doing it in-house. The spin-off benefit of this is that focusing on your business strengths will lead to you providing the best possible service to your customers. And who doesn’t want satisfied customers? 

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Money – Hiring the very best professionals without having to break the bank to pay them.

When you choose to outsource your warehousing functions to a warehousing company such as Orbit Same Day, you are taking advantage of hiring the best in the industry. Outsourcing your warehousing to the professionals at Orbit Same Day gives you access to highly specialized logistics experts. You have access to a full line of same day shipping Richmond and logistics experts, without having to pay them full time as you would have to in house.

You will not need to learn the hard way like Walmart did losing time and, most importantly, money navigating your way through the intricate world that is warehousing and shipping. When you hire a warehousing company such as Orbit Same Day you are handing over the inventory, shipping and even the returns aspects of your business. For you, this means that you can instantly take advantage of their years of experience in the warehousing, shipping and inventory management experience. Our experts become your experts, our proven processes become your proven processes, our skills and experience become your skills and experience. Hiring a warehousing company such as Orbit Same Day instantly gives you access to their years of experience and expertise without breaking the bank. See our blog on “What To Look For When Outsourcing Your Warehouse Needs” for more information.

Time & Money – You have the latest warehousing and shipping technology at your fingertips

Technology is constantly changing. This applies to just about every single aspect of our lives and business. In order to stay relevant and competitive, businesses need to invest in the technology that will make them grow. The innovations in the area of warehousing and logistics are no different. This makes for one expensive business function. 

Your customers don’t care if you are a large or small business because small businesses are also using tech-based warehousing and shipping by taking advantage of innovative companies such as Orbit and are therefore able to offer their customers high-tech solutions. That being said, you have no excuse to be lagging behind. But, getting and keeping up with the tech that you need to manage your warehousing functions could be the difference between profitability and wondering if you can make payroll this month. 

Managing the warehousing and shipping functions in-house means that you will have to purchase, implement and maintain highly technical IT platforms, yourself. This means learning and managing an entirely new system that will require training and possibly certification. You can choose not to be trained in using a complex IT system to manage your warehousing and shipping needs, however, going this route means that you must hire someone who is trained in using that system which is not going to be cheap. 

And guess what, you will still need to update the tech behind your IT systems. So do not think that it is just a set it and forget it kind of deal. As the tech changes so should you. When you outsource this to a warehousing company such as Orbit Same Day you need not worry about keeping up with the tech Joneses. The responsibility for maintaining seamless warehousing and inventory management system now falls on the experts at Orbit Same Day. This saves you the money that is needed to make an investment in the technology and the expertise or training that is needed to maintain a warehouse and shipping department. 

Because companies such as Orbit Same Day are in the business of warehousing and shipping, costs associated with acquiring and implementing and maintaining the tech that is needed to provide excellent service to their customers is simply a part of their business model. They worry about the expenses associated with the tech needed so you don’t have to. Warehousing, shipping and inventory management is their business so they make it their duty to stay current and relevant and one step ahead of the game. Outsourcing those functions to them gives you access to their tech saving you much needed cash to put into other aspects of making your company profitable. 

Time & Money – Their clients’ now work for you

What’s great about entrusting your warehousing, shipping and inventory management functions to an expert warehousing and same day shipping company such as Orbit Same Day is that you have the power of their clients now working for you. Most 3PLs have other clients that they work with that helps to enhance their business of warehousing and shipping. Having a company such as Orbit Same Day that can tap into the services of their partners could mean better warehousing and shipping options. 

They can also tap into the power of their expert network to find innovative solutions that can benefit your company’s needs. This translates into time and money savings for your business as you can now rely on their experts you solve your complex warehousing and shipping needs. 

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Every business owner knows that time is money. Therefore by cutting out the time-consuming function of managing your warehousing and shipping needs, you are also saving your company thousands of dollars yearly. Outsourcing this aspect of your business gives you time and monetary resources that you need to pump back into your business in order to scale and improve your core products to your customers. You are also saving money because a customer who is unhappy because warehousing made a mistake with their order isn’t going to say good things about your company. Retaining your customers and keeping them happy is the main aim of any business and having an expert warehousing and shipping company such as Orbit Same Day can help you to achieve this. 

To learn how you can take advantage of our expert warehousing and shipping teams check us out at Orbit Same Day.