We all know that shopping online has taken over the way companies do business. But what you may not know is that shipping options can make or break the deal for the majority of buyers.About 85% of Amazon users won’t buy a product because of the shipping charges. What’s more: 60% of Prime users won’t buy your product if the shipping is too slow. It’s the nature of the beast in a world of “want it and need it now” circles of society. How do your delivery options stack up? You are probably missing out on a lot of sales because your delivery options aren’t what shoppers are looking for. Let’s go over the delivery options that you have available to you. 


First things first, no matter what shipping options you offer your buyers, you must provide tracking. Your customers want to know when their order ships and when they can expect it. In fact, they are more likely to be happy with a longer shipping time as long as they know when the delivery will happen. By offering them an online portal to track their shipment you give them a higher level of communication and build trust.You could even go one step further and provide an advanced tracking system, which takes this peace of mind one step further. Instead of only receiving confirmation upon arrival, you’ll be able to give your customers the ability to track the delivery vehicle every step of the way. This fast, dependable service is designed to help deliver packages when you need them to be delivered to your customers. After all, when running a business you already have enough on your plate. You may not have the time, or the vehicle, to make the necessary delivery. Orbit Same Day, on the other hand, does. We aim to provide you the highest level of positive customer experience possible and that starts with tracking. 

Rush or Expedited Shipping 

Amazon has proven that some customers want their items fast. In fact, there is a whole community of Prime members who pay a yearly fee just to have two-day shipping on all of their orders. Sephora has followed suit and they offer a yearly membership of $15 to get their FLASH shipping. That’s free 2-day shipping on all orders. The advantage for you is that these customers are more likely to order more product because they know they have free shipping. 

One Off Rush Shipping 

You don’t have to offer a membership to offer rush shipping. This will be a more and probably most expensive shipping option, but customers know to expect this to be the case. This option is about service and speed, not price.

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Low-Cost Shipping 

You need to provide a low cost or free shipping option. This will cover all of your customers who don’t want to pay for shipping. Now this means that you need to cover the shipping cost yourself. You could build the cost of shipping into the price of the product. This isn’t always possible though. Your other option is to reduce your shipping costs. One way to do this is to work with a shipping service that provides warehousing. You would then hire them to store and ship your inventory. This does two things for your business. First, it reduces your shipping costs by streamlining the process. It also reduces costs by allowing you to leverage the shipper’s volume for lower rates. The second thing it will do is place your product closer to your future customers. Think about it this way: if your company is in Florida but most of your customers are in New Jersey, then they have to wait for their order to go from Florida to New Jersey every time they order. Instead, have your company in Florida, but warehouse your inventory in New Jersey or in a nearby state. Then, when a customer orders, the product only travels a short distance, getting to your customer faster. With all this shipping talk, it can can a bit confusing to understand what you’re offering in order to provide that stellar customer experience. Let’s break it down just a little bit more: 

Expedited shipping vs. standard shipping

Standard delivery is usually the cheapest shipping option for both online stores and their customers. Depending on the fulfillment provider and carrier used, standard shipping within the US means it takes between three and seven business days from the time the order is dispatched to the time it arrives on the customer’s doorstep. Some companies boast two-day delivery as their standard, while others make it clear that standard delivery means you’ll need to wait a little while to receive your order. Stores in the latter category generally offer an expedited delivery alternative, such as 2-day or next-day delivery, for customers who need their orders sooner. It’s important to note that most retailers count shipping time based on when the order is shipped, not when it is placed. This means that if an order is placed with 2-day shipping selected, those 2 days don’t necessarily include order processing time — especially if that time falls on a weekend or holiday. To keep your business operating at peak efficiency see our blog on Importance of Same Day Courier Service for Virginia Businesses.

Expedited shipping vs. express shipping

Depending on the retailer and carriers involved, expedited shipping and express shipping can have a variety of meanings or can be used interchangeably. In general, when both express and expedited shipping options are offered, express shipping is faster, often meaning 2-day or next-day delivery, while expedited just means “faster than standard.”

Two-day (or next-day) shipping

For some retailers, expedited orders are shipped with a 2- or next-day turnaround time, while for others, 2-day delivery is standard. Like all shipping options, the way these terms are positioned varies from store to store. The omnipresence of Amazon Prime makes offering 2-day shipping a necessity for ecommerce stores, whether as a standard option, a special perk or something in between. All in all, you want to make sure you provide your customers with enough shipping options to choose from so that they keep coming back to you for future residual orders. 

In-Store Pickup

While in-store pickup is not necessarily an option for a same-day courier service like Orbit Same Day, it is nice to understand what other companies are giving their customers so that you are able to match up that experience in another way. Interested in learning about how our delivery service can boost your SME?  In-store pickup is a popular option among retail stores across the nation. Walmart and Target have been leaders in this type of shipping service. It works well for businesses that already have the logistics infrastructure in place to support it. It may also streamline your inventory management since the product may not even need to be shipped. It may already be located in the store. There is also the added benefit of getting your customers in the store. This increases the likelihood of buying more once in the store. For those who do business online and in brick and mortar locations, this is an option that should be embraced. About 60% of shoppers aged 15 to 49 would be happy to have and want to use this service.

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Shipping Large Items 

If you are in the business of shipping large items then carrier or parcel shipping isn’t for you. Under these circumstances, you can provide your customers with the highest level of customer service by arranging shipping for them. If you work with a broker you ensure that they get full service at the best price. Your customers may not know that they will have to pay extra for last mile and in-home delivery. You can get the best rates for both of these by leveraging your broker’s shipping volume. This also takes all of the headaches and work out of the buying process. Your customers will appreciate the prompt on-time delivery. This type of service is what will separate your business from your competitors. 

Delivery Options for Your Business 

You don’t need to give buyers all of the delivery options that are out there. You simply need to offer a couple of different options. This will allow you to cater to the needs of a wide range of shoppers. You want to have at least one low-cost option. This will cover those who do not care how long the shipment takes and want the lowest cost possible. Once a low-cost option is in place, choose a mid-level option for your clients.  People who are willing to pay a little bit to get their item slightly faster than the cheapest option will readily select this shipping alternative. Finally, put in place a fast-shipping option. This is for those who want their item right now. These shoppers are willing to spend extra money to make sure they get their item as fast as possible. With these options, you are sure to have something to satisfy the vast majority of customers. Contact us today and let us help you formulate your shipping strategies.